Operation Agency Success: How to Know You're Ready to Automate Your Marketing

July 6, 2017

ITC's Vice President of Marketing Becky Schroeder explains the six signs that you might be ready to automate your agency's email marketing.


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Video Transcript

Technology has changed the way we market our businesses. There’s email, social media, SEO, pay-per-click advertising, and content marketing, just to name a few.

There’s also the newest addition to marketing tech, which is marketing automation.

What is marketing automation?

Simply put, it’s software that automates, manages and measures repetitive marketing tasks.

A good example is email. Businesses use email to nurture prospects with specific, useful content to convert them into customers.

You may be wondering if insurance agencies use marketing automation.

The answer is most definitely. Agencies that rely heavily on sales and marketing technology have greater revenue growth, and sell up to 43 percent more insurance policies per producer.

Our own clients have seen an increase in close ratio by as much as 25 percent and an improvement in retention by 7 percent.

But marketing automation is not a silver bullet. You can’t sign up for a marketing automation system and magically have more sales in the first 30 days.

Marketing automation often fails when users are unprepared to take full advantage of what these systems can do.

So how do you know your agency is ready for marketing automation? There are six signs that will help you decide.

First, do you have an insurance agency website focused on converting visitors into leads?

In other words, does your website have quote forms and free reports?

If your website is set up to convert as many visitors as possible, marketing automation can help you convert those prospects into customers.

The main goal of marketing automation is to generate sales. Your website needs to also focus on sales. If it doesn't, you will be wasting money on marketing automation.

Second, answer this question: Do you find it hard to remember to follow up on every lead?

Agency marketing automation can help. You can set up your automation system to follow up on your leads for you. This means leads won’t fall through the cracks because someone forgot to follow up.

Third, if you’re doing a lot of simple, repeatable marketing tasks, you may be a good candidate for marketing automation.

If you find yourself sending the same follow up email to multiple prospects every day, an agency marketing automation system can send those follow ups for you.

Four, the lead nurturing process can be time consuming and complicated depending on the line of business.

You either let too much time lapse before following up, or forget to follow up completely.

Marketing automation makes following up simple. And, it will save you time because you don’t have to remember to follow up on every prospect.

Five, if you’ve automated other processes in your agency, you can make the jump for marketing automation too.

Do you store all your client and policy information in an agency management system? Do you use it to run reports and make business decisions? Do you automate the quoting process with a comparative rater? You’re probably ready for marketing automation.

Finally, do you ever wish you could know which of your leads are more likely to close than others?

Marketing automation can help identify which leads are hot. If this is important to your agency, marketing automation could be a good fit.

It can score your leads and rank your prospects based on their engagement with your content.

Lead scoring can help you prioritize leads so you can see at a glance if that lead is warm and getting hotter or vice versa.

Marketing automation can transform your agency marketing plan. These systems are well worth the time and effort it takes to set them up.

And I happen to know a really good one if you need a recommendation.

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