Never Pause Your Search Visibility Efforts

June 5, 2018

Your search visibility efforts are paying off, and your insurance website is showing up on the first page of search results. Your website traffic and leads are increasing. Time to hit the pause button on your SEO, right? Wrong. ITC CEO Laird Rixford explains why.

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Your search visibility efforts are paying off, and your insurance website is showing up on the first page of search results. Your website traffic and leads are increasing. 

Time to hit the pause button on your SEO, right? Wrong.

Here’s why the work on your website’s visibility in the search engines is never done.

When your website is on the first page of search results, life is good. Good rankings give you access to a targeted group of potential customers. But chances are, you’re not the only one vying for these prospects.

SEO is a zero-sum game. There are clear winners and clear losers.

Looking to increase your website’s visibility? Your goal is to replace the websites on the first page with your own. You work hard and achieve your goal. Now, you’re ranking well, and others are trying to knock you off that coveted first page.

Don’t let them! Keep your search engine visibility campaigns active and avoid these three missteps.

First, the stagnant website.

This is the most common cause of a decline in search engine visibility. It generally happens once an agency hits its SEO goals. Since the website has plenty of visibility and traffic, agency owners take their foot off the gas. Initiatives such as keyword targeting, content updates and blogging dry up. The agency stops looking for external link opportunities or duplicate business listings.

At first, nothing happens. But within a month, some of those high rankings start to disappear. Website traffic and leads also go down. More active websites take over those coveted first page slots.

If the agency is paying attention to its website analytics, they’ll restart the search visibility work. But, there’s no guarantee that they’ll get their high rankings back. The competition will stay in those first page positions if they're getting clicks. So, the agency will have to work extra hard to unseat them.

With great power comes great responsibility. Don’t squander both through inaction.

The next misstep is the domain switch. This is both a crime of oversight and ambition. It happens when an agency changes their domain name without a plan in place.

You might think you’ll keep your search engine ranking from the old domain when you switch to the new one. But, really, you’ll be back at square one.

Why? Search engines analyze websites on a domain-by-domain basis. So, switching to a new domain without proper preparation is like hitting the reset button on your SEO. Rankings go away, and so do traffic and leads.

And, it will take some time to get that lost visibility back. Search engines look at domain trustworthiness when ranking websites. And it takes time to build trust. So, your search visibility will often dip in the months after an abrupt domain switch.

Now, this doesn’t mean domain switches are a bad thing. But, you do need to prepare for them. 

First, redirect all pages from the old domain to the new one. Next, update external links to point to the new web address. And, keep updating your website content the entire time.

These tactics will take some work, but they can help raise the trust levels of the new domain. And, that might be enough to reclaim the lost search visibility. Switch domains if you feel you must. But choose wisely and prepare.

The final misstep is the late payment.

Always pay your web hosting and domain registration bills. Why? Web hosts and domain registrars keep websites online. When you stop paying your bill, your website goes dark.

A website that is down is not pretty. It leads to an ugly 404 Not Found page, which can scare away potential customers. Plus, if search engines can’t access your website, they’ll drop it from search results.

Think a late payment and a mea culpa will fix things? Think again. Once your website is down, paying to get it back online is the easy part. It doesn’t fix it because your high rankings will be gone.

You would need to resubmit the sitemap to the search engines to get the website re-indexed. Then, you’ll have months of work ahead of you to get that visibility back. 

Hitting pause on your SEO is the quickest way to lose momentum and visibility in search results. You must keep your search visibility campaigns active.

Also, keep improving your website user experience. Don't stop looking for common consumer questions about your industry. Continue to post relevant content. And, don't forget to scour the web for quality external link opportunities.


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