Email Marketing Tips That Will Lift Your Agency’s Results

October 27, 2020

Building relationships with prospects and customers can be an overwhelming task, especially with all the time constraints your face as an agency owner. To build and maintain those relationships, you need a process to keep your agency's name in front of your audience on a consistent basis. That's where email marketing becomes an essential practice for your agency.

AgencyBuzz Product Manager Heather Cherry will provide you with tips that will elevate your email marketing and lift your agency's results.

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Video Transcript

Email marketing is an obvious choice for insurance agencies that want to grow and retain clients.

According to Marketing Sherpa, 72 percent of consumers prefer email as a communication channel from businesses.

And, email has a lofty return on investment, with an average return of 38 dollars for every dollar spent.

If your agency is looking to expand its digital footprint with email marketing, try these proven tips to lift your email marketing results.

The most successful emails are relevant to their audience, and a relevant email strategy is all about planning, timely execution, and flexibility. This is why consumers often respond well to promotions that reference pop culture and current events.

For example, insurable events happen due to weather all the time. And, they can turn into a natural disaster in the blink of an eye.

Do as you tell your clients: Plan ahead. Have an email ready to send for different types of severe weather events common in your area. Include phone numbers to call to file a claim and other disaster planning and recovery tips.

Your clients chose your agency to protect them. Why not go above and beyond their expectations of the protection they purchased?  

Next, you’ll want to segment your audience. Not every contact in your email list needs to receive every email you send. This is a mistake many new to email marketing make. It makes your agency look sloppy and disorganized. Instead, segment your list so you can control who receives what email message.

The email marketing system you chose likely offers filters to sort your contact list by different data points. For example, you can use filters to cross-sell clients who only have coverage for one line of business through your agency.


An email marketing system built specifically for insurance agents allows for filtering that makes the most sense for your agency.


The subject line is the first thing recipients see in their inbox. In most inboxes, there is also preheader text that begins after or below the subject line. Both the subject line and preheader text are valuable inbox real estate. Use them to your advantage to drive clicks.


If your subject line is too long, it might get cut off. This depends mainly on the applications and devices used to read email. Nowadays, this can range from a desktop monitor to an Apple Watch. If you’re not sure which is most used by your clients, don’t worry. That information is usually captured and stored in your email marketing system’s analytics portal.

Next is one of the most important parts of email marketing. Business owners and consumers read email on mobile devices now more than ever. According to the Pew Research Center, 88 percent of smartphone users actively check email on their smartphones.

What does this mean for you? All emails should be designed with mobile devices in mind. Check to see if your email marketing system comes with mobile-friendly templates. Then, you’ll only need to worry about plugging in the email content.

As far as mobile devices go, buttons are easier to tap on with fingers than small text links. When possible, switch your text links for big, bright buttons. Add a layer of blank space or padding around the buttons too so readers don’t accidentally tap something else. And, make the email’s text large enough to read on a phone screen, usually between 14 and 16 point font.

Finally, always keep emails short and simple. Today’s consumers have limited attention spans, but also limited time. Going on for paragraphs will never be effective because no one will read to the end of your emails.

Be mindful of who your audience is and get straight to the point with content that is brief. Online consumers want their information fast and concise. A good rule of thumb is to keep the entire email at 300 words or less.  Only include text, links, images and media that directly contribute to the email’s goal.

Building relationships with prospects and clients can be an overwhelming task, especially with all the time constraints you face as an agency owner.

To build and maintain those relationships, use email marketing to keep your agency's name in front of your audience on a consistent basis. And, use these tips to make sure your efforts pay off.

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