Email Marketing Mistakes That Will Cost You Subscribers

January 16, 2019

People can and will unsubscribe from your email marketing. You can’t always do anything about it. But, you can try to keep it to a minimum. ITC CEO Laird Rixford discusses how to keep your insurance agency's subscribers happy and subscribed to your emails.

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Here’s a scary truth: People will unsubscribe from your email marketing. You can’t always do anything about it either. But, you can try to keep it to a minimum. 

Avoid these mistakes to keep your subscribers happy and subscribed to your emails. 

Email is an easy way to communicate with your insurance agency’s customers. You can use email to build a rapport with them, remind them when it’s time to renew, and even cross sell additional lines of business.   

Agents love email because it costs very little to market this way. It’s easy to churn out new emails regarding all of your products. 

But, it’s not okay to blast customers with irrelevant messages. 

We say it all the time because it's true: Failure to segment will cost you sales. 

For example, you wouldn’t send an email about RV coverage to a customer that just got their very first car insurance policy. 

Segment your list of contacts. Understand which products best fit those segments. Then, only send emails relevant to each segment. This will make your email marketing more effective and reduce unsubscribes. 

Watch the typos and formatting errors. These obvious errors are off-putting. That’s because some simple testing and reading over the email can fix the problem. 

Look, nobody's perfect. There will be mistakes at times as not every mistake can be caught before an email makes it to an inbox. But, make it a part of your process for a second person to look over a new email before you send it.

Finally, email marketing can sell your products. But, it's important to intersperse your sales pitch emails with emails of value.

I know you sell insurance. I trust you can answer any questions I have about my insurance coverage. But, if every email you send is trying to sell something, eventually you’re going to be losing a lot of your people to the unsubscribe link. 

Think of what kind of information or content your contacts would enjoy. Avoid the frequent hard sell, or you’ll risk unsubscribes. 

You don’t have to lose your subscribers. A few tweaks to your email marketing strategy to fix these mistakes can help you keep more of your audience in the most valuable place you can be… their inbox.


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