Calls to Action in Your Email Marketing

June 19, 2018

The secret to making email marketing work is the call to action, or the instructions that tell your email recipients what they should do after they open and read your email. ITC CEO Laird Rixford explains why calls to action are a good place to start with your insurance agency's email marketing, and some dos and don’ts.

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You want to know the secret to making email marketing work? It’s the call to action.
The call to action is how your audience knows what they should do once they open and read your email. 

If you’re new to email marketing or looking to improve your email marketing efforts, your calls to action are a great place to start.

I’ve got some do's and don’ts for maximizing the calls to action in your email marketing.

Don’t use too many call to action buttons.

Emails with only one call to action typically have more clicks and result in more sales. But, this is not a hard and fast rule. There are plenty of successful email examples with two side-by-side calls to action. 

So, try it if you want. But, don’t go overboard. And, try making the main call to action bigger and a different color so it’s more prominent.

Don’t use Submit as your call to action.

Submit is a passive call to action. It’s not strong and doesn’t encourage your audience to click on your button. Be creative. Get My Quote will be more effective than Submit almost every time.

Don’t stick with what worked before.

What worked for you last year may be old news to your audience. It’s important to update your call to action. That may mean changing the color of the button or changing the copy itself. 
Do stay on trend, with caution.

If you pay attention to email marketing in other industries, you’ll spot trends you might want to use in your own email marketing efforts. In general, it’s okay to implement trendy call to action buttons. Just think of who you are targeting when doing so. Uber’s trendy emails cater to a largely younger crowd, but that style might not work for you if the majority of your clients are 40 and older.

Do use color.

It’s important to use color in the right way. You want to draw attention to your call to action, but you still want to complement your email’s design and style. If your email is primarily red, use a different color to help the call to action stand out. Like a green or a light shade of blue.

Do use relevant and specific copy.

Your call to action needs to be relevant to the copy in your email. It needs to clearly state what you want your audience to do next. If you’re not sure what call to action to use, consider these questions. Where is the button going to take your audience? What do they get when they click? Why should they click?

Do test your call to action.

When trying out any of these tips, test, test, test. Do an A/B test with identical emails except one version has your old call to action and the other has your new call to action. Send it out, and look at your metrics to see which call to action was more successful. This will ensure the changes you’re making will help and not hurt your marketing plan. 

When it comes to email marketing, the best call to action is the one that works for your agency. Use whatever call to action gets you more conversions, even if it isn’t brightly colored or trendy.


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