Before Clicking Send, Don’t Forget the Footer

October 16, 2019

You spend valuable time crafting email marketing campaigns for your insurance agency. But, you may be forgetting something important: The footer. AgencyBuzz product manager Heather Cherry explains how email footers are more than an afterthought and can provide a huge opportunity for your agency.

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Video Transcript

You select a subject line, write your message, and schedule the right time to send. You spend valuable time crafting email marketing campaigns for your insurance agency. But, you may be forgetting something important: The footer. 

Footers can include extra information to keep your emails legally compliant. They can keep recipients engaged. And, they can keep messages consistent with your goals. The email footer is often underrated and underappreciated. But, it can provide a huge opportunity for your agency.

If you’re using email marketing in your insurance agency, it’s critical you follow the CAN-SPAM Act. This act lists several rules you must follow when implementing email marketing. Add the following items to your email footer to maintain compliance with this law.

First, clearly identify yourself. This includes information like your agency name, website, and a reply-to email address. Add a simple statement about who sent the email. 
Second, you must clearly list your postal address. This can be an office location, a registered postal box, or a private mailbox registered with the USPS.

And third, provide an obvious way for people to opt out. Every marketing email you send must have clear instructions for unsubscribing. 

In addition to CAN-SPAM compliance items, it’s a good idea to include a conditions and disclosures statement in your email footer to protect against liability. This is a statement that your emails are purely informational and do not necessarily contain legal and/or insurance coverage advice. This protects you from liability.

Did you know an email footer is a prime location to mention your social media platforms? Small, simple icons avoid interrupting the main call to action of your email message. Meanwhile, they still provide extra ways for recipients to connect with you.

Most emails today already include social media icons in their email footers. Your recipients are not only receptive to these, they expect them.

Select two or three of your most valuable social media platforms, and add these icons to your email footer. Be sure to link them to your social profiles. You may start to see an increase in social media traffic!

Your marketing emails should already have a call to action within the body of the message. But, the email footer can be a great place to add a secondary call to action.

Secondary calls to action give more direction to email recipients. They can also provide more ways for them to interact with your insurance agency. Some examples of a secondary call to action would be Refer a Friend, Contact Us, or Find a Location Near You.

What’s one thing your email footer doesn’t need? 

You may want to cram everything into your email footer, whether it’s needed or not. After all, we just talked about how valuable that piece of real estate is to your email. But, I urge you to exercise a little caution.

Only include relevant information. Don’t distract from your email with a cluttered and confusing mess at the bottom.

Remember one of the golden rules of email marketing: Quality is always preferred over quantity. Keep it simple, include the necessities, and leave the fluff out.

Email footers are an important piece of the email marketing puzzle. Don’t forget to make yours count and work for you. 

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