20 Ideas to Market Your Insurance Agency Website

December 5, 2017

If you build a great website for your insurance agency, will they come? Not without marketing it. Just building a website isn’t enough to attract traffic to it. You have to market that website. ITC President Laird Rixford has 20 ideas you can use to market your insurance website to help you get traffic.


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Video Transcript

Just because you built a great website, doesn’t mean people will come. It takes work. The good news for you is that I’ve got some great ideas that will help you market your insurance agency website.

You can spend a lot of effort, money and time to make your insurance agency website look really great. It could be the best looking website ever.

But if your website doesn’t perform (and by that I mean, it doesn’t generate leads or help you service clients), is it worth it? Are you getting your money back on that investment?

To get your website to work for you takes traffic. But website traffic, and ultimately leads, doesn’t magically happen.

It takes work to make your agency’s website a success. If you want people to find your website who have never heard of your agency, you have to do the work. You need to market your website.

If you’re thinking, “That’s great Laird. But where do I start?” Don’t worry. I got 20 ideas that will help you promote the most important thing in your marketing toolbox… your agency’s website.

  1. Create a local business listing for your agency on websites like Yelp, Google and Yellow Pages. Make sure the contact information matches the information on your website.
  2. Add your agency to trade directories consumers might use like cheapcarinsurance.net.  
  3. Blog. But don’t just do it once in a while. Blog a lot! Keep in mind it doesn’t have to always be about insurance as long as you’re providing value. The most popular blog post on any of our websites was about New Years Eve party ideas. It still gets great traffic every single year.
  4. Put your website address on all your business cards and include it in the email signature for everyone in your office.
  5. Add your website address to the end of any and every ad. This can include radio, broadcast, and print.
  6. If you’re doing video marketing, put your website’s address in the closing credits of the videos. If someone comes across your video content on YouTube or other social media, they’ll know where to find you.
  7. Also, include a link in the video description and your channel bio.
  8. Make sure every flyer and mailer has your agency’s website address on it.
  9. Send email newsletters to your current clients and include links. A great way to do this is if you have a new employee. Link to the person’s bio on your website. Or if you’re blogging, include a brief teaser of the post and link to the full post.
  10. Post your website address on your front door or outdoor signage.
  11. Engage in conversations on forums for your area. Link to your website when appropriate.
  12. Ask your partners and referral sources to link to your insurance website. Reciprocate those links with profiles of these partners and referral sources on the partners page of your website.
  13. Include your website address on promotional or giveaway items that you use at events.
  14. Optimize your website for search engines. There’s a lot more to this idea than I can fit into this video. You can find more information and tips for how to optimize your website in previous videos or on our marketing blog.
  15. Use pay-per-click advertising to get more visibility in the search engines. Be careful with this idea though. Insurance keywords are not cheap. Make sure you’re getting enough leads from this tactic to make it worth it. It will take monitoring and measuring. If you need to, I encourage you to get help from a reputable PPC expert.
  16. Send out news releases when big events or changes happen at your agency. Include your website’s address.
  17. Hosting a webinar or lecture? Mention your insurance agency website at the very end.
  18. Create social media accounts and include your website’s address in your profiles. Good places to start: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn
  19. Share your blog posts and other website content pages on social media
  20. Advertise on social media. It’s cost effective and Facebook and Twitter have great tools to target the right audience. You can advertise a free report or ebook. Besides getting traffic to your website, you can get a person’s contact information in exchange for that report.

Just because you built a great website, doesn’t mean people will come. It takes work. But, I know you can do it.

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