The Art of Boosting Sales


Tip #1: Sell globally

If you’re looking for more customers, sell to multiple audiences. For instance, if you’re an insurance company, advertising to teens, adults, and the elderly can improve sales tremendously. Almost everyone requires some type of insurance and if not, people who have been informed about it will spread word among others. Envision yourself encountering a phenomenal business that doesn’t necessarily provide for your needs, but it can help someone you know. Will you hesitate to tell that person? Andrew Griffiths, author and entrepreneur from, points out yet another great way you can improve your sales. Griffiths states that distributing your products or services internationally and educating your employees in cultural awareness will raise sales abundantly.


Tip #2: Reel in the fish

Grab your reader’s attention! You can really catch them in the moment by being exciting and confident about the product you’re selling. In order to boost sales, it is important you have good speaking skills. One way to do this is by creating an atmosphere where your insurance customers trust they are getting a great product or service.


Tip #3: Connect with your customers

Show your customers you care and you truly strive to provide the best service. Agency Matrix’s sales department has a vast amount of knowledge on the best ways to sell to your customers. Here is what the sales department says about excellent customer service:

  1. Educate your customers. Help them fully understand what your company is all about and what it sells

  2. Ask your customers if they have any questions

  3. Don’t over power your customers

  4. Make sure to listen and understand your customer’s wants and needs


Tip #4: Follow up

Following up with your customers is very important since most of the information given in the first call is easily forgotten. Get in touch with your customers to remind them of the advantages of your service. On the other hand, do not solicit your insurance services too often as to pester your customers. Inform your prospects of the effectiveness of your product and the benefits.


Tip #5: Create an email marketing campaign

        An email marketing campaign is one of the most effective strategies for growing your sales. It requires you to interact with your subscribers by creating an email with interesting information relevant to what your business is selling. Amuse your subscribers with a captivating title such as “New Features” or “Happy Holidays”.

       It important to remember there is a fine line between an “email marketing campaign” and an “email blast”. An email blast is sending out an ad of your company without your customer’s consent. Agency Matrix’s email distribution software allows you to execute email campaigns effortlessly. Simply select an email template (e.g. renewal), determine who you want to send it to, and insert the information you want sent. Agency Matrix Virtual Employee sends out your marketing emails automatically. In addition, Agency Matrix’s trainers can help you with anything you need to know about the email distribution software.


What other techniques can you use to increase sale performance?

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