How to Modernize Your Insurance Agency’s Sales Techniques

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Rotary phones. VCRs. Floppy discs. These technologies were once part of our lives. Now, they are pieces of nostalgia. The floppy disc is merely a save button icon, for example. 

It would be silly to think a business owner would use these antiquated technologies. Yet, many insurance agents still use old selling processes and techniques. When you try to sell to the modern insurance buyer, here are some things to remember.

Stop Selling Insurance 

Whether you sell to a consumer (personal lines policy, life policy) or a business (BOP, worker's compensation), you are selling the same thing. You.  Selling is not business to business, or business to consumer. It's human to human.  Remember the saying, "Everyone likes to buy, no one likes to be sold"?  You want to help them buy.  

Be the Adviser

Understanding why someone needs insurance is more valuable than giving them a price. Every quote should have a discovery process that involves more than gathering underwriting information. Use a comparative rater that makes it easier to handle the underwriting. Then, you can focus the conversation on why they want a quote and build the relationship from there.

Stay Close

Don't abandon prospects after the quote or proposal. Continue to communicate through text or email but don't try to sell them. Give them information about insurance that helps them as a consumer. Send information about your agency and the good things you do in the community. 

Also, your website doesn’t have to be an online business card or a digital yellow page ad. It can do much more work for you. According J.D. Power's 2018 U.S. Auto Insurance Study, clients prefer a mix of online and offline methods of communication. Treat your website as an extension of your agency. You want a website with a nice design. But, you need a great user experience that highlights your talents.


Listening is about understanding. In today's market, if you want to understand prospects and clients you need data. Look beyond your closing percentages and retention rates. Examine the types of clients you have higher closing percentages with. And, which carriers you have the best retention. You want to know why they chose you and why they continue to stay. If they leave, find out what factors other than price contributed. 


When you update how you sell, you adapt to the buyer. This can lead to longevity in a changing insurance environment. Not adjusting could make you the 8-track of insurance. 

What are some others ways insurance agents can adjust their sales techniques to stay relevant? Comment below.

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