Insurance software tip: Overcoming call reluctance and failure

We’ve all been there. The voicemail … the hang up … and the “Sorry, not interested” before you’ve even told them what you’re calling about. Telemarketing is an important, albeit very painful aspect of insurance marketing. If the mere thought of conducting telephone sales calls makes you want to call in sick or take a two-hour lunch, it’s time to time to face your fears and get the insurance software and process in place to help you work smarter!

So what is there to fear?

At its core, insurance telemarketing is about talking to another individual – something you’ve successfully managed to do for your whole life. Many times, sales call reluctance comes from the feeling that you’re bothering another person or imposing on their time. In reality, the goal of your call is to do neither of those things. Your goal is to protect a family’s assets and potentially save them money. If you reframe your purpose and truly believe that you are providing a valuable and necessary service, you’ll be off to a better start. Make it about them – not about you. Don’t make calls to fill quotes or earn commissions – although those are natural byproducts of marketing. First and foremost, your goal is to help other people.

How can insurance software help?

When most agents set out to make calls, they’re already in a losing position. They’re working with leads that are a day or possibly a week old. They waste time transferring the leads from an excel spreadsheet into their insurance software. And they’re trying to talk to everyone – not just the warm leads who are truly interested.

Now picture another scenario.  What if you received your insurance agency leads in real time and they were automatically put into your insurance software on your behalf? What if a professional, insurance-trained call center started the marketing process on your behalf? What if they slogged through all the voicemail, hang-ups and rejection, and then transferred only the interested leads to your phone, with a professional, warm-introduction?

How much more productive could you be?

Say goodbye to sales call reluctance. Believe it or not, this is the future of insurance telemarketing. Once you experience it, you’ll be eagerly awaiting your daily infusion of fresh leads and warm call transfers.

And that’s not all. Powerful insurance agency software can also help you …

  • Automate many of your most time consuming and burdensome administrative tasks.
  • Maximize and optimize actionable data collection.
  • Keep you proactively connected with customers and prospects.
  • Boost productivity and your profitability.

A few more telemarketing techniques for overcoming sales call reluctance: 

  1. Use a script: Take time to write down your script, then stick to it. The repetition and consistency will build confidence that’s evident in your presentation. At the end of every day, take a few moments to reflect on what worked, and modify your script accordingly for better results the next day.
  2. Practice: Record yourself interacting with someone else on your team. Listen to your voice tone and inflections. Make sure you’re including plenty of opportunity for client engagement and interaction. Avoid the “show up and throw up.” Today’s consumers are educated and savvy. They want to buy, but they don’t want to be sold. Ask people around you for feedback.
  3. Focus on your purpose: As stated earlier, focus on the peace of mind you’re offering your customers and prospects, not on meeting sales quotas. The impact your products and services can have on their lives is immeasurable. Believe it.
  4. Know the numbers: It may sound like a cliché, but sales is a numbers game. The more you call, the closer you come to making a sale. Don’t try it for one day and give up. Allow the process time to work.
  5. Just do it: As with exercise, we can always find excuses or other ways to spend time – rather than spending it on telemarketingHold yourself accountable. Be self-disciplined. One of the most powerful things you can do to harness your fears about call reluctance, and anything in life, is to take action in spite of those fears. Taking action immediately lessens your fears.

Combining these five action telemarketing tips with powerful insurance agency software and a smart process will give you a winning formula for telephone sales success in 2013.

If you want to know more about the “other” sales scenario, the one with real time leads, automatically populated insurance software and warm call transfers, request an Agency Matrix demo today.

Also, make sure to download our free report on insurance agency leads: “Why Leads FailBeat the Odds by Avoiding Three Rookie Mistakes.”


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