Behind the Scenes: Adding Rates to a Comparative Rater

January 27, 2015



Agents need to trust the rates they receive from their comparative raters are accurate. Otherwise, the agency's workflow and productivity suffers. Every work day independent agents rely on TurboRater to provide them with accurate rates for multiple insurance companies at once. Have you ever wondered how those rates get in your comparative rating system? Have you ever thought to yourself, 'I wonder how TurboRater does it?'

To some agents how the rates get added to a comparative rater is not the question at the top of their minds on a busy day. But maybe from time to time you have wondered.

While we wish there was a magical button to update every carrier's rates, one does not exist. The task of adding and updating rates is not as easy as you might think.

ITC has a comprehensive system in place to ensure agents get quick and accurate quotes. Many members of the TurboRater team have an insurance background, either as an agent or an owner. The newest addition to the TurboRater family is former agency owner Mariela Carralero.

Carralero's job as a quality assurance specialist at ITC involves testing rate and other changes in TurboRater. She sees daily the amount of work it takes to add and update a carrier's rates to TurboRater. 'I now have a greater appreciation for the hard work ITC does. It takes an immense amount of work, attention to detail and knowledge to make sure the rates in TurboRater are correct,' said Carralero.

The production department works with each carrier to ensure their rates are always up-to-date. This team tests and verifies the accuracy of every detail before releasing a new carrier's rates in TurboRater. Testing can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few days. For example, when a company requests changes to factors like territories or driver class, it can take hours.

'It's been a cool experience to see the pride this team has in their work. This isn't just a job to us. We take our work seriously and personally,' said Carralero.

Before joining ITC, Carralero didn't realize how extensive the programming and testing process is. She thought it was as simple as ITC just posting the rates. Now being a part of all the hard work, Carralero wishes she could've seen it beforehand when working as insurance agency owner.

The next time you log in to TurboRater, take a moment to remember our talented production department. Each member takes extreme pride in knowing the work he or she does makes your job as an independent agent a little bit easier.

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