What You Need to Know About Your Online Reputation

Customer service. Reviews. Star ratings. Your online reputation is all that and more. It’s what people say about your agency online. In this Operation Agency Success video, ITC CMO Becky Schroeder shares what you need to know about managing your insurance agency's online reputation.


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Video Transcript

What is online reputation?

Customer service. Reviews. Star ratings. 

Your online reputation is all that and more. It’s what people say about your agency online. 

The internet is the first stop for today’s insurance shoppers. Studies have shown that people tend to believe the reviews and ratings they see online.

Here’s what you need to know about managing your insurance agency’s online reputation. 

Everyone has an online reputation. The good news is you have a say in yours. 

Start by reading your agency’s online reviews. Did you just shudder at those words? It’s time to start joining the conversation people are having about you on the internet. 

Reviews give current and past clients the freedom to leave feedback for your agency. And, you have the freedom to cultivate and manage those reviews.

Nothing feels better than knowing you’ve helped a client and they’re happy. Take it a step further and ask that happy client to leave you a review after a positive interaction. 

The key is to this is to ask as soon as possible following a positive interaction. If you ask over email, include direct links to where they can review you on Facebook, Google or whatever site you are trying to grow reviews on. 

There’s an important thing to understand about reviews... Each review is because a client took time out of their day to leave you feedback. 

Growing your reviews and boosting your online reputation can’t be done without them. So, respond in a timely manner. A simple thank you message in response can be sufficient. 

This way, new and returning clients will see you’re active when it comes to your online reputation. Plus, people like to see your agency has a human side.

In a perfect world, everyone would be honest and fair with their feedback. 

Unfortunately, part of owning a business is dealing with clients who have had a bad experience. If you get a bad review online, don’t panic. 

You can save your online reputation when it comes to a negative review. It’s all in how you respond.

First, never fire back matching the client’s tone or claiming you did no wrong. This will make the situation worse. And anyone who sees this review will consider it an unprofessional interaction.

Instead, look at this as an opportunity to prove your customer service skills. 

Address the review in a timely manner and apologize for the experience. Assure them you want to make it right. You want to take the conversation offline as soon as you can. So, in your response offer an email or a phone number to reach you so you can offer a solution.  

Remember, it’s a good practice to check your review platforms often. Google likes to give search authority to businesses with recent reviews. So, consider your online reputation an ongoing project that needs consistent monitoring and fresh reviews. 

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