Sent, Delivered, Opened: Getting Your Emails to the Inbox

You may send hundreds of emails using your email marketing system. But have you ever thought about how many of those emails actually reach an inbox? The process of an email reaching an inbox is called deliverability. 

AgencyBuzz Product Manager Heather Cherry will walk you through how to increase your deliverability numbers.

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Video Transcript

You may send hundreds of emails using your email marketing platform. But, have you thought about how many of those mailings actually make it to the inbox?

The process of an email reaching the inbox is called deliverability.

If your email efforts follow best practices and pass the spam inspection, your emails will get delivered.

So here are four proven ways you can boost your email deliverability.

First, make sure your subject line doesn’t trigger spam filters.

Take a moment and venture to your spam folder. You might scoff at the salesy or just plain obnoxious subject lines. You would *never* open such an email…So don’t send an email with a similar subject line!

Never type out your subject line in all caps or use more than one exclamation mark. Also, avoid spammy buzz words like “Free”, Urgent”, or “Now”.

Second, you’ll want to allow recipients the option to unsubscribe.

Make the unsubscribe process simple, and if possible, a single click. Do NOT hide the unsubscribe button. Also, let the client know they successfully unsubscribed. Direct them to a landing page or send a message with a confirmation.

I get it. It can be hard to let a subscriber go. But if they are not finding value in your emails, your email marketing efforts won’t be effective. Plus, the easier it is for someone to unsubscribe, the better your deliverability.

You may ask yourself, “How will making it easier for clients to *not* receive emails increase my deliverability?”

Well, consider this likely scenario…

An annoyed client wants to unsubscribe but cannot do so easily. They will likely hit the spam button next. This will tarnish your reputation with internet service providers and email clients, which affects your ability to get your emails to the inbox and not the junk folder. So, make it easy to opt-out of email communication. 

My next tip for good deliverability is to keep tabs on your email frequency.

Hold the reigns tight on how often you send emails. Sending too many can cause your clients to mark you as spam, which, again, is bad for your deliverability. Plus, too many emails is just plain annoying.

Don’t send emails too infrequently either. You don’t want recipients forgetting who you are.

Irregular sending patterns are also harmful and considered spammy. Maintain a regular schedule and track your campaign responses.

Lastly, make sure to include a physical address in your email footer.

This may be the easiest step you can take to improve your deliverability.

According to the CAN-SPAM Act, your email must include your valid physical postal address. Doing so will not only keep you in compliance with the FTC, but it will build trust with recipients.

It’s so easy to add your address to the email’s default footer. Big or small, all companies can follow this rule.

In closing: Don’t waste the time to create and send an email if it won’t even reach the recipient. Be sure to check your recent email metrics to see if deliverability was satisfactory. If it needs improvement, use my tips to get more of your agency emails into client inboxes.

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