Operation Agency Success: What a Neglected Blog Says About You

ITC President Laird Rixford explains why neglecting your blog is a bad idea and what message it sends the visitors of your insurance agency website.

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Video Transcript

Blogging is the life blood of a content marketing strategy. If you're not blogging consistently, then it will send the wrong message about your agency. And here's what a neglected blog will say about your agency.

One, that you're not an expert. By not consistently and regularly blogging with content, you're really giving a message to your consumers that you just really don't have what it takes to be an insurance expert, because you're not able to continually provide them good content that allows them to research your insurance that you offer.

Two, that you don't care. By not regularly blogging on your website, your consumer will look at you and say, "You know, they seem to just kind of phone it in every once in a while," and that's not the message you want to give. You want to give the message that you are consistently there, providing them new topics for them to research and understand the insurance that you sell.

Three, that you're out of touch. By not blogging and writing consistently on your website, it tells your consumer that frankly, you're out of touch with the industry, that you're not at the forefront of things that are going on. And if you have a blog entry from three years ago, talking about insurance then, the world is completely changed now. There's usage based insurance, ride sharing, safer cars. All of that is now part of the new conversation when it comes to insurance content marketing.

And finally, number four, that you're going out of business. If you go to a website that hasn't been updated regularly or hasn't been updated in the past year or two, are you going to say, "I want to work with this business that has no updates on their site? Are they even in business? Should I even give them a call to offer them my business?" The answer's probably going to be no. You do not want to do that for an agency that has not continually maintained a conversation with their consumers.

A deserted blog is worse than not blogging at all. So, if you should decide to do a content marketing strategy through blogging on your website, make sure that you consistently add new content. If you're not able to do so, reach out to someone to help you maintain that consistent blogging effort.

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