Insta-Success: Building Your Instagram Following

Instagram can be a great marketing tool if used correctly. You can tap into this undiscovered corner of insurance marketing if you put in a little time and effort.

ITC CMO Becky Schroeder talks about how your agency can build an Instagram following.


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Video Transcript

Instagram influencers are masters at growing and engaging their audience. Enough so for big brands to pay them thousands, sometimes millions, for exposure to those followers.  

Instagram can be a great marketing tool if used correctly. You can tap into this undiscovered corner of insurance marketing if you put in a little time and effort. 

But you must engage your audience to be successful. Here are some proven ways to make Instagram work for your agency. 

First, you’ll want toget to know your audience. Everyone needs insurance, but you’ll want a local audience who could use your services. 

Finding your audience is important because you can make one hundred beautiful posts, but they'll never work if the right people aren't seeing them. This is the difference between a relevant follower and a random follower.  

If youagency is in Chicago, it doesn’t help to attract followers from California. They aren’t going to request a quote from your agency.  

A relevant follower would be local to Chicago. They may not need insurance the moment they follow you. But, it’s the start of building a relationship. 

With a business account, you get access to Instagram Insights. So, you can see the demographics of your followers, like where they’re located.  It also shows you things like impressions, reach, saves, follower activity, and more.  

The second thing you need to focus on is building relationships. Insurance is all about relationships. Instagram is too. 

The relationship may start with a follow but it’s built when you interact with your followers. This shows them there's a person behind your account 

Interaction can also help you get more exposure. The more people who follow and comment on your posts, the easier it is for new people to find you 

This is because as your account grows, more users will find your agency in their Suggestions For You section. 

So, how do you interact on Instagram? The biggest way is to like the posts of accounts you follow. If someone starts following you, follow them back so you can like and comment on their posts.  

People always share their biggest accomplishments on social media. Hit that heart and add a comment to acknowledge their accomplishment. They'll enjoy and remember this interaction. 

Some other ways: Tag your clients. Hold a contest. People love to give their opinion. Remember to regram (or repost) the best responses.  

Aunique hashtag can also set you up for success on Instagram. 

Hashtags make topics searchable. They can even start trending if enough people use them.  

Avoid overly general hashtags that don’t have to do with insurance or your local area. You may get a lot of initial engagement with broad terms like hashtag love. But, that engagement isn't from potential clients or your target audience 

You don’t want to waste time engaging with followers that aren’t your target audienceRelevant hashtags will waste less time by earning engagement from potential clients. For example, instead of just using hashtag life, try using hashtag life insurance. See what local hashtags get used often and include those in your posts too. 

Remember that contest I suggested earlier? Use a branded hashtag for it. For example, “hashtag ITC Caption Contest. Remind your followers to use it when submitting their creative entries. Now you can track which contests or campaigns are doing better than others. 

Finally, timingis another element that can boost engagement. Instagram may be an untapped tool for insurance agents. But, there's a lot of other content on there. You’re still competing for your followers’ attention. Don't miss out on engagement because you're posting when no one's looking. 

Here are my tips: Aim for non-working hoursWeekends are a great time to post, and during the week Wednesdays and Thursdays are the best days for postingDon’t forget time of day: People are usually on their phones early in the morning before work, during lunch hours, and late in the evening. That’s when you want to schedule your posts. Which, by the way, did you know you can schedule your Instagram posts? There are several resources out there that can help you with scheduling Instagram posts. 

Instagram is a great marketing tool if used correctly. But it takes knowing your audience, engaging, creating unique hashtags and good timing to be successful.  


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