How to Get More Online Reviews for Your Insurance Agency

Gaining a good review online has a multitude of benefits. It has an impact on your agency’s public image. Any time you get an outstanding review, you’re proving your agency has what it takes to provide true value. Reviews also have an SEO value for your insurance website.

This is an important factor in getting your website to appear more in local internet searches.

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Video Transcript

Earning reviews online is significant.

Reviews have an impact on your insurance agency’s online reputation. Every outstanding review is proof your agency provides true value.

But did you know reviews do more than that? They are also an important factor in getting your website to appear in more local online searches.

If you’re looking to earn more online reviews for your agency, try one of these methods.

By far one of the simplest ways to earn reviews is to educate and ask. At the beginning of your relationship with a client, let them know how important it is for your agency to get their feedback. This will encourage them to leave a review, especially if you provided exceptional service.

If it takes too long to leave a review or it is too difficult, people won’t do it. So, if you want to get those reviews, make leaving a review easy.

The best way to do this is to send them an email with a direct link to where you want them to leave the review.

Everybody likes a deal. A strong strategy to earn reviews is by doing something like drawings for people who check into your location on apps like Facebook or Yelp.

The true benefit to this idea is that once they’re checked into your location, you can capture their information and remind them you would love to hear about your experience with them.

By far one of the best ways to get more reviews is to educate your employees. Explain how they affect the agency. Then coach them to bring it up to consumers. Incentivize your employees for when they get an online review. You can do it individually but also as a team when your agency hits your goal for reviews.

Most people will not even think about leaving a review for an insurance agency. Simply bringing up the topic can vastly improve the odds of it happening. Educating your employees will allow them to speak about the subject with confidence. Coaching them on how to talk about it will allow them to bring up the subject organically at their discretion.          

Another powerful way of getting more reviews is by using some type of paid service. I’m not talking about paying for reviews. Rather, use a third party to do the leg work you may not have the time or expertise to handle. There are tons of options out there that can make a difference. So even though you may have to pay for their services, the benefit could outweigh the cost.

These days, people look at online reviews to help them make an informed decision. And when it comes to insurance, people search for the right policy and an agency that’s going to take care of them. Set yourself up for success and use online reviews to earn more business.

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