How to Build Trust with Your Insurance Website Content

You want your insurance agency website to make a good first impression online. Insurance is all about trust, and it's crucial that you show website visitors you're trustworthy from the first page of your website that they land on. 

ITC CEO Laird Rixford explains how to build trust with your insurance website content.


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Video Transcript

It’s important for your insurance agency website to make a good impression online. 

Most people do this with website design elements. But, you can also make an impression with your words.

Insurance is all about trust. You want to show website visitors you are trustworthy from the first page of your website they land on. Here’s how.

The simplest way to show someone you are trustworthy is to do the following: Tell them what you've done in the past that made you dependable. And talk about what you'll do in the future that will continue to build trust.

Your insurance website’s homepage is likely the most visited page on your site. Concentrate your efforts there first.

On your homepage, answer some of these questions: How long have you been in business? What products do you offer? Do you provide any follow-up services? What is your customer service philosophy? What can a consumer expect when they walk through your door? How do you want your staff to interact with clients? How do you want clients to feel when they leave your office? Why should a prospect choose you? How are you different from your competition? What's the best way for customers to reach you?

Even better than telling is showing. Add testimonials to your page to show your visitors how you’ve helped people like them. This social proof goes a long way to building trust online.

Once you’ve added that content to your website’s homepage, update your About Us page.

A person who is on your About Us page likes what they see. Now, they want to get to know a little more about you.

Share some pictures of your office or your employees. This is yet another factor in building trust. You could even embed an introductory video about your agency on this page. It may just tip the scales in your favor and get the prospect to call you. 

If you don’t have photos or videos to post, don’t worry. Answering questions about your agency history, employees, and community will help to fill out your About Us page and build trust:

Who founded the agency? Is it family-owned? How many employees do you have? How many years of experience do they have? What's the agency principal’s background? How long have you been helping clients in your community? Do you have any community accolades? What is the history of your main office? What are the values and beliefs of your agency? Do you have a mission statement? Do you belong to any associations, chambers of commerce, or clubs? Do you have any industry awards?

There's nothing worse than leaving default content on your insurance website’s homepage, or leaving your About Us page blank.

And besides building consumer trust, there’s another reason why you hear us go on and on about why content is so important. That reason is Google.

Google prioritizes high-quality, unique, and relevant content in their search results.

If you want your insurance agency website to rank well in Google searches, it’s time to write compelling website content.

I've given you many ideas for how to customize your website with content about your agency. Now you don't have any excuses. Update your website’s content today.

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