Fast Hacks for Your Marketing Emails

Are you looking for ways to enhance your insurance emails, but don’t have time? We've rounded up a few quick and easy hacks to boost your marketing emails in as little as five minutes.

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Video Transcript

Are you looking for ways to enhance your marketing emails, but don’t have time?

Try these quick and easy hacks to boost your insurance agency’s marketing emails in just five minutes.

The first way to improve any email is to review it again with fresh eyes. After you finish a new email but before you send it, do something else for a little while. Once you’ve cleared your mind, review the email one last time. You'd be surprised how many things you may find.

Spelling and grammar checkers don't catch all errors. So, read every sentence and look at word choice, verb tenses, and punctuation. Also, remove any unnecessary filler that is slowing down or disrupting the flow of your email.

Finally, go beyond basic editing and optimize your email for deliverability and engagement. Check for spammy words or phrases, image properties, and calls to action. Look at your email layout and make sure it is clean, simple, and skimmable.

In general, if someone engages with your agency through email, they probably don’t want to talk on the phone. Even if you prefer people to call your office, you need to include a way for them to act online.

This is where the next fast hack comes in. Use a hyperlinked call to action in your email. You can easily add a link to your website or a dedicated landing page. Link to your social media pages, or even add a reply-to email address.

Hyperlinked calls to action are easy to track and provide valuable insights about your subscribers. Some email service providers have even used hyperlink statistics in their engagement algorithms to determine inbox placement.

Editing the subject line is another quick way to optimize your insurance marketing emails.

People use subject lines to determine whether to open an email. So, it is imperative to choose the best subject line possible.

Time, distractions, and overthinking are three of the biggest challenges for subject lines. To overcome these obstacles, give yourself a five-minute limit to prevent overthinking and stick to your deadline.

Once you’ve determined the subject line, proof and optimize it. It should not contain any spelling or grammar errors or inconsistent formatting. You should also confirm it does not include trigger words for spam filters.

The final hack… split testing. An A/B split test is a quick and easy way to optimize your email campaign and get actionable insights about your email subscribers. You can use the data to theorize about your subscribers' interests and motivations.

Since A/B split tests should only examine a single element at a time, they are easy to execute. Several email marketing providers make it easy to set up a split test and automate the process for you.

What five-minute hack have you done to improve your insurance marketing emails? I’d like to hear about it.

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