Evergreen Content and Your Insurance Website

Becky Schroeder, ITC's vice president of marketing, explains what evergreen content is and why it's important for your insurance agency website.

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Video Transcript

If you’ve been blogging, there’s a good chance you’ve seen some early success. That means more visitors to your website, and even a few new leads. But, blog posts have a short shelf life as new content floods the internet daily.

How do you draw target consumers to your insurance website for years to come? How about from a single blog post? There is a way to do it. It’s called evergreen blogging.

Evergreen trees keep their leaves all year round. It’s in the name: they are always green.

Similarly, evergreen blog posts stand up to the test of time.

The information in these blog posts remain relevant for years. The topic is both general enough and focused enough to get continued attention from consumers. Evergreen blogs don’t focus on trending events, or time-sensitive advice.

One of our most popular evergreen blog posts here at ITC is FIVE years old.

But, evergreen blogging can bring you more than a stream of readers. It can help establish your agency as an insurance authority. And, it can improve your search visibility.

The insurance industry is volatile. Policies expire. Rates fluctuate. Even lines of coverage are seasonal in nature.

It can be difficult to find topics that will stand up for three months, let alone three years. So, it’s important to think outside the box when you prepare to blog.

A good evergreen insurance blog topic is timeless and educational, such as “How to Perform a Home Inventory”, or “How Filing Multiple Claims Can Hurt Your Premium.”

These topics will remain relevant in all seasons. They will not only rank in the search engines, but they’ll also bring in a steady stream of traffic for years.

But, how can you add evergreen blogging into your content strategy?

First, try building your content strategy around answering questions.

In the age of the empowered and educated consumer, an agent’s success is the ability to provide answers and solutions.

Find out what consumers are asking. Poll your staff to see which questions come up most often. Or, search online forums like Yahoo Answers or Quora.

More often than not, these questions will contain long-tail keywords that boost your SEO.

Now that you have your evergreen blog topic, it’s time to research.

You really want to spend time in the research step because you want your evergreen blog posts to be 10 times better than your other blog posts so that they help drive long-term traffic.

So, start researching, and don’t forget to cite your sources. Citations will boost your blog post’s credibility.

Adding statistics to your blog can earn the trust of your readers. But, certain numbers can become outdated year to year.

If you want your article to be relevant in the long-haul, avoid quoting any data with a limited shelf life.

As with any blog post you write, promotion is key. Evergreen blogs are also easy to re-promote, since they remain relevant for years on end.

Plan on sharing your evergreen blog posts on social media every few months or so.

Like I mentioned before, evergreen blogs bring in traffic month after month.

But, you won’t know how these blog posts affect your agency’s growth if you don’t check.

So, take a look at the landing pages report in your Google Analytics each month. Check which blog posts show up, and how many views they received.

If certain blog posts are on that report each month, try writing similar types of posts. They’ll drive even more traffic to your website.

Evergreen blogging takes some initial effort to create. But, the returns will far outweigh the time you put into them. They are the gift that keeps on giving.

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