Driving Local Traffic to Your Insurance Website

Online traffic can come to your insurance website from anywhere. But, most agencies want to sell to local prospects and service local customers. ITC CEO Laird Rixford explains how you can use blogging to get more local website traffic.

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Blogging is one of the top marketing strategies we recommend to grow your agency. It can help your website ranking higher in online searches. And, it helps drive traffic and more prospects to your website.

But, online traffic can come from anywhere. And, most local insurance agencies want to sell to local prospects and service local customers. 

Good news if that is you. You can use blogging to get more local website traffic. 

First, figure out who you are blogging for. Is your audience made up of young adults? Or, parents with children? Retirees? Are they tech savvy? What lines of business are you blogging about? Because your topic focus will also help you figure out who you are writing for. Are you writing about Medicare? Home insurance? Then write your blogs to appeal to this specific audience. 

Now, for the “local” part of local blogging. 

One option is to review local businesses. Do you have a favorite restaurant or boutique in your local area? Why not write about them. Talk about why you love them. Add some pictures or video if you want. If you know the owner personally, you could even include a picture of the both of you. If you know the owner really well, you could ask that they post this review on their own website with a backlink to yours.

In essence, you've just written a very long testimonial for them. And who doesn't love a long testimonial? If the business is part of a hobby of yours, perhaps turn it into a series. You could review these types of business every month, which could become a backlink every month. You could also build a dedicated readership this way.

Interview local public figures for your blog. Everybody knows somebody who's famous, to a degree. Some examples include local politicians, business owners, community leaders and artists. Perhaps you could get a 15-minute interview with them. Ask questions about their job or their life. You could even throw in an insurance-related question.

This will be interesting to your readers because they are part of the community. The interviewee may also share the article, which will expand your reach.

Write a top five list specifically with your audience in mind. What are the top restaurants for couples on a budget? What are the top parks for families on a Sunday afternoon? What are the top community centers for senior citizens to meet others like them? 

There are many ways to write blog posts that cater to your local market. This is just the tip of the iceberg. 

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