And, We're Live Using Facebook Live for Your Insurance Agency

Thanks to video, platforms like Facebook have grown in popularity for businesses. According to Forbes, 40 percent of decision-makers called a vendor after watching a video. Another 65 percent visited a company’s website after watching a work-related video.

Gone are the days of people working with companies they feel no connection with. With so many choices in about any industry, you must stand out among the crowd. You must make your customers feel welcome like they are dealing with a friend instead of a business. Video can be a fun way to connect with your network and share your content personality.

What can an insurance agency do with Facebook live videos to engage with their network?


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Video Transcript

Gone are the days of people working with companies they feel no connection with.

With so many choices, your agency must stand out from the crowd.

This is where Facebook live-streaming comes into the picture.

Live video can showcase your personality and build a connection to your followers at the same time.

Not sure where to start? Here are a few ideas on how to engage your agency’s network on Facebook Live.

Before you get started, here are some live video basics.

First, pick a date for your event. You’ll want enough lead time to promote your live video. Then choose your on-screen people. Determine who will serve as a moderator and monitor and read out the questions coming into Facebook for you.

If you’re a one-man show, you can still host a Facebook Live event. Get a cell phone stand for the video and use a tablet or laptop to moderate your own questions.

Next, promote the event. Use Facebook posts of course, but don’t stop there. You can use all your social media platforms. Use your email marketing platform to send out information about the event. You can even publish a blog on your insurance website.

So, what can an insurance agency like yours do on Facebook live to engage with their network?

To start, host a live Q&A session. Most people find insurance complicated. Consumers want to work with someone who knows what they need. But, they still want to understand what they’re paying for.

My tip: Go into the video with some prepared questions. This will help you get you started as people join the live session. Viewers will then start to ask questions in the comments to carry you through the rest of the session.

You can also use a Facebook live event to announce a new carrier or line of business. Build up to the announcement by teasing out the new product with social posts, emails, and blogs.

Facebook Premiere is a feature that allows you to upload and schedule pre-recorded videos to broadcast live on your company page. This may be another good option for you. 

Lots of agencies use giveaways, drawings, and contests to drive engagement. Use them to get more likes on your page or engagement with your posts. They can even drive traffic to your insurance website.

Most contests involve a drawing to announce the winner. Why not make it a Facebook Live event? Have the prize visible, and draw the name live. How fun would that be?

Here’s a bonus idea for you: Create a recurring show!

If you want to provide massive value and build a loyal fan base, consider creating a weekly or biweekly show. The topics can be endless and don’t always have to be about insurance. You can even feature local figures or referral partners.

Create a catchy name for your show that people are sure to remember. Don’t forget to promote the next topic beforehand too.

Facebook live boosts brand awareness and builds a connection with your audience. Those make it easier for consumers to choose your agency over the competition. Now get out there and wow your followers.

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