5 Common Insurance Agency Website Mistakes to Avoid

Your website is an important tool for your business and how you can interact with your customers. In general, most website mistakes are easy to spot and correct. But, some are less obvious than others. Don’t fall into these five mistakes that could be costing your business and you may not even know it.


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Video Transcript

A website is an important tool for your insurance agency and how you interact with your clients.

But if not well designed and continually maintained, there might be some mistakes on your website that can leave a bad impression.

In general, most website mistakes are easy to spot and correct. Here are five common insurance website mistakes and how to fix them.

Mistake number one: Your website isn’t mobile-friendly. Today, more and more people access the web on mobile devices. For your insurance agency website to be effective, you need to create it with a mobile focus.

Make sure your website content is readable on a mobile device, your links are easy to click on with your finger, and your design and images are responsive, so your website looks great no matter what device your visitor is using.

Mistake number two: Your website has outdated information. Keeping your website fresh and up to date is important for prospects and clients alike. For example, if you moved to new office space, make sure to change the address on your contact page. Or, if you open a new location or hire a new employee, that is information that needs to be updated on your website.

It’s a good practice to regularly check your website and make sure all the information is correct and current.  

Mistake number three: Your website has too many calls to action. A call to action is essential for visitor engagement. But it needs to be clear, simple, and singular to be successful. Overloading your visitors with options leaves them confused and overwhelmed.

If a visitor can’t locate what they need, they’ll go to another website that doesn’t give them a headache. Limit your call to action to a single form or button, per page, to keep your intent clear. 

Mistake number four: Your forms are too long. Once you have a prospect’s attention, don’t lead them to a long form. Long website forms can instantly overwhelm and drive prospects away. Keep your form short and only collect the information you need. Some of the most effective forms are simple contact forms. Use these for first-time leads to get them to take action. Then gather the rest of their information over a follow-up phone call.

And, mistake number 5: Not using Google Analytics.  Google Analytics is a free tool that gives you data and insight into your website visitors, including how they found your website, what pages they looked at, and how long they spent on your website. All this data is critical when you want to improve the performance of your insurance agency website. Because it will inform your decisions on what to do.

A successful website is one that is cared for and built to be the best. Have a website. Maintain your website. Reduce your forms and visual noise. And focus on modern platforms to ensure your website is healthy and doing everything it can to work for you.


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