Your Content Success Strategy for Spring 2021


You’re probably not alone if you are looking forward to spring’s arrival. After all, the new season’s thaw will allow you to get out of the house more. Maybe even take care of the inevitable spring-cleaning tasks like cleaning the house or servicing your car.

As an insurance agent, you know how spring-cleaning a house can make you realize you might need to update your policies. If this concerns you, then it’s easy to see how it might cross your customers’ minds, too.

You need to be ready to answer their questions by providing relatable content. Below, I’ve outlined several of the best content topics that you can pass along to your clients this spring.

By being there for them, you’ll be able to grow consumer trust in your operation, and you’ll keep your business thriving.

1: Expanded Homeowners Insurance Options

Spring cleaning is a great reminder of the potential hazards present that might become very big problems under the right circumstances. You already know that, in some cases, these hazards aren’t automatically covered by homeowner’s insurance.

In these cases, policy endorsements can help both you (and your clients) expand on your benefits. Some of the benefits you might play upon your website this spring include…

  • Sewer backup insurance
  • Food spoilage coverage
  • Identity theft insurance
  • Service line coverage
  • Mold/fungi coverage
  • Equipment breakdown coverage


2: April Fool’s Day (April 1)

April Fools' Day is a fun topic to spice up your content. Have some fun and suggest inexpensive pranks for home or office. Or, talk about some of your own past pranks (your greatest hits). Hold a social media contest and ask your followers to share their favorite April Fools' Day prank.


3: Home Maintenance Checklist

Of course, clients who have customized home insurance coverage are more likely to reap the full benefits of what a policy can provide. However, home insurance is nothing compared with the security provided by a strong, safe home.

So, advise your clients on what they can do this spring to make their homes more secure. You might save them a lot of trouble down the road.

Just a few of the tips to include on your springtime home maintenance checklist include…

  • Making repairs to roofs, foundations, doors, and windows to make them more secure
  • Cleaning the chimney and servicing the furnace and HVAC system
  • Cleaning out gutters and clearing overhanging or dead foliage away from the home
  • Repairing any damaged or leaking pipes
  • Having a pest inspection of the home

No one knows your community better than you do. You know how best to advise your clients on what they should do to keep their properties secure this spring. Use your content strategy to leverage this advice to their advantage.


4: Tax Day (April 15)

Use this topic as an opportunity to partner with a local tax professional.

You can interview him or her for your blog. Or, ask him or her to write a guest blog. You could even set up a mutual referral program and feature them on your partner page. Tax season could actually turn out to be an interesting semi-annual post.


5: Local Weather Preparedness

As seasons change, most areas are prone to see an uptick in severe weather. Severe storms usually accompany the weather fronts that bring warmer temperatures.

Severe weather might damage homes, businesses, vehicles, and personal possessions. The more prepared your clients are for springtime weather changes, the more they will feel safe and secure in their homes and everyday lives.

Advise your clients on how best to prepare for upcoming weather events. You can help them avoid the potential for claims later.


6: Quality Flood Insurance Information

Flooding is a hazard that most communities face, especially during the spring. However, it’s up to you to inform your clients that flooding is not covered by traditional home insurance and instead must be insured under separate flood insurance.

Write a blog post to provide clients with information on the tight regulations that govern these policies, both under National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) rules and local insurance regulations.


7: Update Clients on Claims Filing Processes

Carriers have different claims filing processes, and you want to make the process as seamless as possible for every client. So, make sure they know how best to file a claim if they ever have a reason to do so.

Create content that shares with them what their responsibility is for filing a claim. During a policy review, go over how their policy’s unique benefits will provide them with assistance following each claim. Your guiding hand will help them be ready for anything, and in the end, they’ll trust you even more.


8: Earth Day (April 22)

Earth Day is a great time to share suggestions for how to make a home more environmentally friendly. You can also inform your clients what time Earth hour is. Or, you can post about upcoming community events that celebrate Earth Day. If you attend such an event, take pictures and share them on social media.


9: COVID-19 Vaccines

More and more people are getting vaccinated every day across the country.

There are likely multiple vaccine spots in your community. Share vaccine sites and tips to get registered. This is great content to include in your newsletter or on social media. Make yourself a resource for your clients!


10:  Allergies

As the temperature rises so does the propagation of pollen and other springtime allergens. Those flowers sure look nice, but they can be annoying!

This is a worthy blog topic because almost everyone can relate to seasonal allergies. Write about remedies, preventative measures, and the severity of the allergen forecast this spring.


About the Author

Neal Smith

Neal Smith is ITC’s content writer. He focuses on line-of-business specific blogs for ITC clients. He also writes and edits website content for ITC’s SEO customers. His specialties include creative writing and targeted line-of-business content. He also prepares social media content for SEO clients. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Mass Communication from The University of North Carolina—Chapel Hill. He is an avid Dallas Cowboys and UNC Tar Heels fan.

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