Why Your Agency Should Invest in Digital Marketing Efforts

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Digital marketing only continues to grow. Many consumers find goods and services through search engines and virtual assistants. And they're happy to do it. Will your agency use digital marketing to meet their needs?

There are many services dedicated to digital marketing efforts. From optimized websites to SEO best practices. But online marketing is not an area of your business that you want to be stingy with.

Here is why you should invest in digital marketing efforts for your insurance agency in 2020.

Growing Net

The world wide web is growing every day by the minute. There will only be more avenues to reach your target customers as the internet evolves.

You can either change with it or miss out on opportunities to appear in search results.

The fact is, traditional marketing still has effective components for grabbing attention. But, the internet does it better.

No other channel customizes the experience for the customer as well as digital. The internet gets them exactly what they are looking for, when they want it.

Unlimited Reach

Some traditional marketing tactics are limited by geographical components. Advertising used to face a barrier for targeting audiences if they weren’t local or national.

With digital marketing, you have the power to target new audiences to grow your business.

Want to reach a certain demographic or targeted region? You can do so through the power of search engine marketing campaigns and targeted ads.


Digital is Direct

Return on investment can be difficult to calculate for some traditional marketing avenues.

But, when you invest in SEO or SEM efforts it’s easy to identify where you stand with analytics reports. The same can be said if you choose to invest in online ad campaigns or use social media.

You can see how many people saw your ad or post and what times are optimal for the most visibility.

Digital marketing also allows clients to ask questions, start conversations and leave reviews.


About the Author

Eva Zielinski

Eva Zielinski has joined the ITC team as a digital marketing strategist from Smart Harbor. She assists insurance agents in creating a strong online presence through SEO consultation, email marketing campaigns and social media management. She resides in Columbus, Ohio and has a bachelor’s degree in communications from Otterbein University. In her spare time, Eva enjoys reading, sketching, watching classic, nerdy movies and exploring Columbus for new places to eat and “Yelp!” about.

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