What’s Next? Moving Forward from a Website Upgrade


We’ve written several blogs about redesigning or upgrading your insurance website. This step is necessary after a few years to stay modern and competitive. As design trends evolve, so should your agency website.

But, what comes after a website upgrade? What next?

I’m here to answer that question. 

Social Media is Your Best Friend

Social media is your biggest tool to get the word out about your redesign and piquing people’s interest. Tweet about the new features. Write a Facebook post with a link to the new website.

These messages show up in the feeds of anyone following you. Your excitement about the new design may just get some people to your website. There, they can re-engage in the buying or customer service process.

Include a Note About the Upgrade in Your Newsletter

If you have a marketing program like AgencyBuzz, or send out newsletters by other means, get the word out there. Add a link so readers can click to your new homepage.

Remember: Your website is a powerful marketing tool. So, make this news prominent. Do not bury this information at the bottom. Also, include screenshots. Show people what the redesign is going to look like. Images will drive engagement.

Add, Remove, and Update Content

Your website has arrived in the 21st century, but make sure the content isn’t from the proverbial Stone Age. After the redesign, read through every page. Make sure the information is up to date.

Do you have new employees? Did some employees leave since the last update? Has your phone number changed? Did your office move? These are all questions to ask yourself when you’re going through your content update.

Check Marketing Materials for Consistency

When you upgraded your website, did the colors change? Did your logo go through any revisions? Review marketing materials that may be outfitted in the old scheme.

I always tell people: You want people to know they’re on the right website without looking at the logo. If you offer a prospect a business card that’s green and yellow and they go to your blue and orange website, there’s going to be confusion. Confusion can cost you money or clients.


As I tell all my clients, a website is an ever-evolving entity and needs periodic upkeep. You’ve taken the first step by upgrading the graphics, but remember that is a first step, not the last step. Remember to get the word out and keep content as relevant as the graphics.

Did you recently upgrade your website? Did any of these tips help with the process? Let us know by leaving a comment below!


Is your website more than two years old? It may be time for a refresh. Contact us today for a free consultation with an insurance website expert.   


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