Using eBooks to Build Your Email List


An eBook can position your insurance agency as a trusted source for insurance information. But, it is a powerful tool for capturing soft web leads. The best part? If you already blog regularly, you have 90 percent of your eBook content already written.

Here are my tips for taking advantage of my personal favorite list-building tool.

Focus on a relevant and helpful topic you have already written about.

Your eBook provides a unique opportunity to build trust with your audience. It showcases your ability to be both helpful and knowledgeable. First, pick an appealing topic your audience wants to learn more about. Then, generate useful content that provides value.

Topic Suggestions

  • How to File a Home Insurance Claim
  • Disaster Preparedness Strategy
  • 10 Ways to Be a Better Driver
  • How to Create a Home Inventory
  • 5 Ways to Get the Right Insurance for Your Business

Pro tip: Take advantage of blog articles or other pieces of content you’ve already written. Make sure they relate to your topic.


Design an eBook that sells itself.

Reading your eBook should be both easy and enjoyable for your audience. Before you publish, take a moment to enhance your content’s format and design. Use design to make it easy to read and visually appealing.

Design Tips

  • Organize your content logically to guide readers through the learning journey.
  • Format text to create a pleasing design that draws people in and keeps them reading.
  • Make the cover of your eBook visually compelling and marketable. Use it to supplement your agency’s promotional campaigns. Be sure to include images of the content itself.

Pro tip: Use a template to bring a standardized and professional look to interior pages. Simply switch out the cover page and content for each new eBook you create.  


Create a seamless user experience.

It is your job to guide readers from start (becoming aware of your eBook) to finish (downloading your eBook). This requires a thoughtful plan for the user experience (UX).

UX Strategy

  • Save your eBook and store it on a hidden page of your website to generate a direct link URL. Not only will this create a shareable link, but your website traffic will increase as more readers access the eBook.
  • Integrate your eBook signup form with an automated marketing platform. Set up an auto-responder to instantly email the eBook link when someone signs up.


Pro tip: Don’t stop at name and email address on your signup form. Consider adding a birthdate or city/state field. This will help with database segmentation later down the road.


eBooks are powerful list building tools that are surprisingly easy to create. I highly recommend trying one for your insurance agency today!

What insurance eBooks have you found to be successful? Let me know in the comments below.

About the Author

Heather Cherry

Heather Cherry provides training and support on AgencyBuzz to ITC customers, leads AgencyBuzz Academy and presents on email marketing at Masters of Marketing. She has a bachelor’s degree in rhetoric and writing from The University of Texas at Austin. Heather’s email marketing specialties include newsletters, unique content, contact segmentation, and targeted marketing. She is also a self-proclaimed social media junkie, cat lover, hopeless romantic, and music buff.

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