Top 10 Insurance Agency Resources of 2020

Every year we like to look back at the content we’ve published over the year. It’s nice to look back at what we did. But, more importantly, we get to see what you care about!

In previous years, we only focused on our marketing articles in this top ten list. But, this year, we published so much great content on other topics. So, we decided to expand our top ten list to include all topics.

Let’s count down the top ten blog posts from 2020.

10: If you ever wondered why your insurance agency should invest in digital marketing, don’t feel bad. So was everyone else. If you haven’t yet, make 2021 your year!



9: Dirty data does not lead to good insights into your agency’s performance. Many agents know this pain. The good news is it is possible to fix the data in your agency management system! This article provides best practices on how to get on the right track.



8: How many times did you pull out a phonebook this year? I’m guessing not many. However, I’m willing to bet you looked at a Google My Business listing at least once a week. This guide will help you get the most out of your agency’s Google My Business listing.



7: It’s not just the influencers who are on Instagram these days. Instagram stories have opened a whole new way for brands to connect to consumers. Here’s how you can make it work for your agency.



6: If our previous four top blog posts are any sign, people are very interested in the digital age. But it’s one thing to survive in it. And quite another to thrive.



5: Amazon has changed consumers forever. All businesses have to embrace the micro-moment. Even insurance agencies. It’s critical to your future growth and success to learn how to sell to the modern insurance shopper. 



4: #Trending!

Garnering attention on social media takes a consistent strategy and willingness to try new things. These four social media trends can be very effective in your next content strategy. Don’t worry - we’ll have more top social media trends for 2021 ready soon. 😉



3: There’s a reason why we like to talk about how things were “back in my day.” To appreciate the progress and lessons we learned along the way. This insightful look at the comparative rater revolution shows how our industry has evolved to meet the needs of the modern insurance shopper.



2: 2020 was just, well, different. COVID-19 has caused us all to navigate some unfamiliar waters. That’s why we stopped all planned content and shifted our focus to creating resources for insurance agents to help during the pandemic.



1: We didn’t stop at tips to help agents through these tough times. We also provided weekly weather reports on the state of insurance rating. Based on anecdotal feedback as well as the analytics, agents and carriers alike found these updates helpful. These reports broke down the impact of the pandemic on the industry and what we could expect in the future.



Stay tuned to the ITC resources hub in 2021 for even more information and resources on agency marketing, technology, operations, sales, and more!

And find our past top performers here:

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