The Top Free Tools for SEO

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Generating online leads with search engine optimization can take time. But, it doesn’t have to take a lot of money. If you want to do it yourself, there are plenty of free and freemium tools available to optimize your insurance website for online searches.

Each of these tools are either free or offer a free version with basic functionality enabled. Usually, there’s an option to purchase access to a full version with a monthly fee. That way, you can experiment without having to spend a lot of money up front.

Here are some of my favorite top free tools for SEO.

Google Analytics

One of the most powerful analytics platforms available is Google Analytics. Consider it a must-have when you set up for your agency website.

With Google Analytics, you can track data about who is coming to your website for free. You can also set goals and create custom reports to see how well your business is progressing.

Check out my blog about the top reports from Google Analytics to learn about what other data points you can track by default!

Google Search Console

Formerly known as Google Webmaster Tools, Google Search Console is another free Google product. This tool can help you better understand how Google views your website.

After you submit your website to this platform, you can see how many times your website has appeared in search. You can also check your website for crawl errors. With the latest updates, you can even check your backlinks and how mobile-friendly your webpages are!

This freemium tool allows you to do the following…

  1. Find longer-tailed keywords
  2. See how difficult it would be to rank for a specific keyword
  3. Narrow down keyword research to a city or state level
  4. See who your competitor is for a specific keyword

This tool can be especially valuable in understanding what kind of keywords people use to find different insurance products. With the free version, you can do up to five searches in a day.

Having unique and useful content on your website is extremely important for your SEO strategy. With this freemium tool, you can find unique content ideas and do content research.

AnswerThePublic pulls the top questions related to a keyword from Google and organizes it into a circular graph for you. You can then use these questions to create website content such as blogs.

What are some of your favorite free internet marketing tools that you use? Leave a comment below.

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