The Hero of Your Insurance Website

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Most successful insurance websites have one thing in common: They leverage the power of the hero image.

An effective hero image can capture a visitor’s attention. It can direct prospects to request a quote. It can encourage clients to manage their policies. And, it can reinforce the insurance agency’s brand.

What is A Hero Image?

A hero image is the large banner image on your homepage. It is prominent, front and center. The purpose of your website’s hero image should be to draw attention to the main calls to action (CTAs).

A hero image can either be static (it does not move) or dynamic (a video or animated image). Below are some layouts featuring both static and dynamic hero images. Notice how they compliment the calls to action and agency branding.

The main call to action on this Perception Insurance website is the phrase Providing solutions with unique experience and knowledge. There are also three buttons: Manage My Policy, Request A Quote and File A Claim.


Perception Insurance

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The hero image is simple, yet vibrant to compliment the branding. Notice the logo at the top is orange. Thus, the hero image has warm sunset colors to compliment the agencies branding.

The below example has a dynamic hero image. To view the full interactive layout please click the link. Even though this hero image is dynamic, the concept is still the same: Simple, vibrant and complimentary to the agency’s branding.


Nebula Insurance

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The Nebula Insurance Agency’s main color is maroon. If you notice, there isn’t a lot of maroon in the video. But, notice the girl’s shoes and some of the flowers. Very small amounts of maroon are used. This is a good use of maroon as an accent color.

How do you choose a hero image?
What message you want to convey with your hero image? Pick imagery that will emphasize your message. This is also where your web designer comes into play. Your design team specializes in design and layout. Let them do what they do best.

If you don’t have a designer or design team, here are a few tips. First, use high resolution images. A blurry photo can leave a bad impression on the internet. And, be sure to choose an image with colors that match your branding.

For example, for the below logo, here are a few hero images that would work well…


Onyx Insurance Agency


With this hero image, notice how both the black and light blues match those in the logo. The darker color is in the suit, while the lighter blue is noticeable on the buildings.

Onyx Hero Image 1

The above image is a little more subtle. Again, the man’s suit draws out the darker color in the logo. But, the lighter blue is not as prominent. We can see a little blue in the background. This picture has enough common tones for a solid hero image choice.


Onyx hero image 2


What is the Importance of a Hero Image?

A hero image is the first connection between your target audience and agency website. It can create depth and build trust.

We’ve all heard a picture paints a thousand words. We as a people are naturally visual. Yet, it’s not wise to throw any hero image up on your website. Web Design Rankings says, “Your photos, drawings, graphics, and other images have to be relevant to be powerful, consequently evoking emotions and spurring users to take calls-to-action.”

People make many decisions based on emotion. Thus, it’s crucial to know and understand your target audience and your message to them.

The hero image is there to draw attention and choosing the image should not be overlooked. First impressions are key. Take the time to look through and choose a strong hero image and don’t be afraid to lean on your designer for help. Or leave a comment below!


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