The Busy Insurance Agent's Email Marketing Shortcuts

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Successful email campaigns are expertly crafted, tested and sent to a segmented audience.

But, what about when you’re your own marketing expert? Or maybe you’re just not prepared to commit the full time and effort required yet.

That’s okay. ​Sometimes you need quick and dirty campaigns that do a lot of work with the least amount of effort. 

A Word of Caution

Before we get into it, I want to caution you this approach is not the best one. You need to pick your battles when it comes to this strategy.

This may work well for some of your campaigns. But, others will need more effort and thought.

Here’s how to find appropriate shortcuts while still running effective campaigns.


If you are a busy agent, you are already besties with every automation feature you can find. Connecting your campaigns to your management system allows for fully automated processes.

These campaigns may vary in complexity. But, you will still get to take the shortcut approach because once you’ve set the campaign up, it continues to run on its own.

This approach is especially effective for follow-ups to initial sales interactions. The follow-up is not only automated but very timely.

Pre-Made Content

Most email marketing programs provide you with some pre-created content to use.

With AgencyBuzz, we have an ever-growing library of content and pre-made campaigns available.

Even if this content needs light editing for your needs, you’ll save time and energy with pre-made content. If you’re really busy, you can put your trust in the content and still run it with no edits.

Start Big

When you first get something new and shiny, that’s when you’re most motivated to do the work. So when you begin your email marketing efforts, plan ahead to save the most time.

Build templates to use over and over. That way, you won’t have to go back and do the same work. We also love a good graphic that includes your logo. Those keep your marketing emails consistent.

Reuse Reduce Recycle

It’s a saying I grew up with, but it applies here as well. Make minor edits or rehash previous campaigns. Reuse the same baseline materials to market to the same contacts.

A quick review of an old email campaign is so much faster than creating a new campaign from scratch. And it will be true to any previous goals you may have had. Update your graphics and send out your re-hashed campaign. Your contacts likely won’t even notice they’ve seen it before.


How are you working on your email marketing goals while balancing the rest of your responsibilities? What are your favorite marketing shortcuts? Leave a comment below.

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