The 6 Essential Elements Your Agency Website Needs

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Elements are the building blocks of life – And successful websites. With so many options, it’s hard to know which you should use for your insurance agency. Certain elements will help your website stand apart from those without. Below are the six elements every website should incorporate for continued success. 

Call to Action 

One of the most important aspects of your website’s design is the call to action. This element comes in many forms. But, they all hope to achieve the same thing: Engaging visitors to take a step to becoming customers. Do this with a button, a direct form, a questioning prompt, or anything to drive an action. Bigger is not always better, though. Something too obnoxious will overwhelm or drive away visitors. Keeping a good balance is essential. 


The adage rings true: Content is king. Ensure the content of your website is understandable and relevant to your audience. Understanding what your website visitors are looking for is essential to success. This element is where a majority of your effort will be spent. Customize the content to your target demographic and area. This will give you the biggest benefit. 


Navigation throughout your website comes in many forms. Your website should offer many options at the same time. It might seem redundant to offer the same information in many places, but the key to is variety. People are more receptive to certain presentations of information. One viewer might jump to the main navigation menu to get the information they need. But, you can’t assume all will. Offering different styles of navigation allows viewers to find one that suits them. 

Eye Catch 

An interesting hero image can create an experience for visitors and customers. Use it in tangent with a strong call to action to make an impression and drive action. The eye catch is an element designed to draw attention and make a statement. The eye catch can be static or involve a subtle animation. No need to go overboard with it. Less is more with animation on websites! 


Like a website’s navigation elements, contact information is best presented in many ways. Often, this means contact information in the footer as well as a dedicated contact page. These sections allow your viewers to see the information needed to get in touch with you. Providing this information in different locations allows visitors to access it as soon as they need it. 


This element isn’t visual like the others, but it is just as important. Setting up website analytics is essential for monitoring the health and status of your site. This will tie everything together. Analytics allows you to track how your elements drive visitors to the information they need. If you notice your call to action isn’t getting clicks, adjust it to be more effective. Without analytics in place, you won’t have the insight to make the changes needed.

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