Small Thanks Takes Your Online Reviews into the Real World

Google Small Thanks screenshot

What people think about your agency often determines how successful you are. Your agency’s online reviews can play a big role in this. Reviews, positive and negative, influence the buying decisions of online searchers.  

Google helps small businesses by creating tools to increase their online presence. Their most recent foray into this space is Small Thanks.

Small Thanks helps small businesses display online reviews in a physical format. It takes your online review offline.

You select a review, apply a design template, and export it as a PDF or PNG. You can also share it directly to Google+, Facebook or Twitter. It takes less than five minutes to get an awesome looking design. 

Head over to to start your first project. Type your official agency name in the box and select the location from the drop down.

Google Small Thanks business selection drop down menu

Google will provide you with three design options right away. You can select one of the three they have created. Or, click the link at the bottom of the screen to customize your own.

Google small thanks design templates

If you want to customize your own, select up to three reviews to be on one design. There are different layout options like you saw at the very beginning. Hover over the design to customize colors. Finish your selection by clicking Next at the bottom of the page.

If you chose a default options or to customize your own, you will end up at the below screen. Click Generate Asset to create PNG and PDF files. If you want to share your file directly to Google+, Facebook or Twitter, click the appropriate icon.

Google thanks final screen generate asset

The .zip file that Google creates for you will also come with a few ideas to use the files.

Google small thanks ideas for use

A poster or a window cling is great if your agency has walk in traffic. Choose a bright color that will draw people’s eyes as they walk in or wait to see a staff member.

You should also consider using these assets in welcome packets and email marketing.

Welcome Packets and Campaigns

Once a prospect becomes a client, send a print or digital welcome packet to thank them for their business.

If you chose to print, be sure to print on quality paper. Add one of your reviews to their packet. It could encourage them to leave a review for your insurance agency.

If you send a digital welcome campaign, ask how you did during the sales process. Add an image to your email that asks for feedback. This is the perfect opportunity to provide an example of what other reviewers said.

Email Marketing

Consider adding reviews to your prospect campaigns and newsletters.

Prospects need a small push to convince them to do business with you. If your review resonates with them, it could be a deciding factor. Remember, 84 percent of people trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation.

Your agency newsletters focus on what’s going on with your agency. If you got a fresh review on Google, flaunt it! Your current clients will feel good knowing they are with an agency that other clients love.


Anything that you can do to help generate reviews is worth doing. As shopping online becomes the norm, less people will interact with your agency on a personal level. If you don’t have the opportunity to show why someone should choose you, your satisfied clients can for you.

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