How to Crush Competition by Obtaining More Customer Reviews



It’s time to get innovative and leave your competitors in the dust! To get ahead in the insurance industry, you need to gather reviews. In this day and age your customers are tech savvy, so they will go the extra mile to find out if your products are reliable. But how will your customers know if no one leaves a review? Wouldn’t you want to know if the product you’re buying is worth your time and money? According to, Dimensional Research reports 88% of online customers make a buying decision based on what online reviews say. That percentage is astounding! If you’re not swayed by that, Jonathon Wolfe, blogger and VP of Techvalidate concludes that 94% of respondents rate company reviews by customers as “very effective” (Survey of 105 B2b marketing and sales professionals). Getting positive customer reviews is extremely important for the success of your insurance agency. The main question to ask is…… how to get customers to leave more reviews?  


1. Create a customer review page on your website

A review page on your insurance website makes it easy for customers to leave and view reviews. Numerous insurance companies have a page specifically dedicated to reviews on their website. For instance, when you buy a product from a retail website, you can read the customer review listed above or below the product. It is also wise to have a customer testimonial page. Include pictures of the people who state the testimonials to help your customers build trust in your product and/or service.


2. Give a list of review sites to your customers

Most of the time customers are willing to give a review but they usually don’t know where to go. Set up agency business accounts with Yelp, Facebook and Google and email your customers these links for them to leave feedback.


3. Send an email or letter asking for feedback

Katherine Leonard, blogger of, offers great advice on sending emails to obtain customers reviews. She advises the use of automated review requests. For instance, Amazon will send out customer review reminders once you have made a purchase. These automated emails remind customers of the option to give feedback so other customers shop better.


4. Give customers your gratitude

Inform your customer of the importance of writing a review about your product and how much you appreciate it. Nellie Akalp from states, “If the review site allows it, thank each person who reviews your product or service.” Thank the insurance customers who take the time to write a review.


5. Advertise your reviews

If you are specifically proud of how many good reviews your business is getting, post them through social media such as Facebook. (I grant you bragging rights.) Not only will you drive traffic to your agency website but you will also motivate people to write more customer reviews.


6. Encourage your customers with prizes

There’s nothing better than earning free stuff. Discounts and giveaways encourage customers to give more reviews.


7. Motivate your employees

Create a fun game for employees that will benefit the insurance agency. For instance, promise a bonus to whoever can get the most customers to write reviews.


8. Use the hand-shake method

The hand shake method might sound silly but it’s a very useful strategy that several competitors use without noticing it. It requires you to ask your customer for feedback in person. The key to successfully obtaining this business strategy is by shaking your happy customer’s hand. Let them know you look forward to hearing from them on the reviews page.

Although these insurance agency marketing tips may be easier said than done. It’s not impossible.


Did you know?

Ian Spencer from states, “Google now looks at the reviews of a company, product or service and actually uses this as a … ranking factor when these reviews are connected to a resource that it trusts”.


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