Having an Optimized Website Can Earn You Business

An optimized website is an absolute must for search engines to rank you in their results. An ideal website for a search engine is well built and contains relevant information.

By optimizing your website, you make it easier for search engines to direct traffic to you. This is how you can increase website traffic!

The goal of your website should be to generate leads and convert them into clients. That starts with traffic. The more visitors you get to your insurance agency website, the more likely they will browse for specific information. People browsing your website can, of course, lead to conversions.

So, what is a conversion?

In digital terms, a conversion is when a visitor completes a desired action on your website. Depending on the objective of the page, a conversion could mean a variety of things.

The obvious one is filling out a contact or quote form or giving you a call. Some other conversions could be signing up for a newsletter or visiting another page. All these actions lead to increased sales, depending on where a prospect is in the buying process.

Here are some of the most important actions to take increase conversions using website optimization.


Make Your CTAs More Prominent

Marketers, designers, and developers all agree. A call to action on your insurance website or landing page is critical.

What is a call to action (CTA)?

It is a prominently displayed prompt on a website or landing page that tells people what action to take next. It is usually in the form of a button or hyperlink. For example, Get a Quote is an effective phrase that lets the visitor know the next step.

If a conversion is your goal, getting the user to click should be the primary focus of your page. So, placing your CTA in a visible area is important. You can also play around with changing the colors of the button for your CTA. See what is more noticeable and matches the rest of your website.


Understand the Origin of Your Website Traffic

Where is your website traffic coming from? Email marketing, social media, blog posts? An important part of optimizing your website to increase conversions is properly nurturing these leads when they land on your page.

Here’s an example…

Let’s say you’re sending out the monthly newsletter to existing clients. In your newsletter, you talk about a coverage option that they can add on to an existing policy. This is a great up-sell opportunity! The CTA can lead to a landing page or a product page, if relevant. It’s essential the page you link to effectively nurtures the interested client.

What do I mean by nurture the interested client? Make sure the landing page provides all the information and how to contact you, or even a form to get started.


Add Forms to Pages That Get the Most Traffic

An important thing you should know is what pages are people visiting most often? Go even deeper than that. What pages are they spending the most time on?

If you aren’t tracking this data already, Google Analytics is an important next step for your agency. Check out our free whitepaper Insurance Agent’s Guide to Google Analytics.

This data is important. If you can’t tell where your website visitors are spending time, you cannot effectively optimize those pages to maximize your leads.

Every high-traffic product page should include a form. This form can be either a simple contact form to speak to an agent or an online insurance rater or widget. Either way, forms are an important element to increasing lead conversion.


Optimize Your Pages and Links

Having meta directions, title tags, and keywords on your website makes it attractive to Google.

If you would like to read more about these Google ranking factors, these resources will be helpful:

Your insurance website content must be informative and compelling. However, you also need to optimize the organization of that content.

You do not want to overwhelm your website visitors with a mountain of same-font, unstructured content. Break the content up with subject headers. This will help your visitors scan your content and find information faster.

It’s also important to include links to other product pages. You can do this with a text link, button, or a list of other available products. That way, visitors can easily navigate through your full product offering.

Why is this important to lead conversion? Engagement. Keeping your website visitors focused can help them find what they need and make buying decisions faster.


An Organized Navigation Menu

When you visit a website, the first thing most visitors will notice is the flow of the website. In other words, people tend to convert from an organized and pleasant user experience.

Think about it this way. When studying effective navigation menus, the rule of thumb is less is more.

People become overwhelmed with too many choices. So, group similar items together under different menu structures. This organization will ensure smooth transitions from page to page.

Take the ITC website as an example.

You can see above that ITC has organized all of our product webpages by their function.

Think of the sales funnel. A purchase is at the bottom of the funnel. How many holes are there where prospects can leak out of your funnel before they purchase? As few as possible.

These are just a few actions to take to optimize your website to increase lead conversions. But, doing these tasks doesn’t mean you’re done.

Conversion rates are never an exact science. But, you can continue to edit and improve what works best for your audience. So, treat your insurance agency website as a project that can be continually tweaked to better serve your clients.

Here are more resources about website optimization for insurance agents:

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Eva Zielinski has joined the ITC team as a digital marketing strategist from Smart Harbor. She assists insurance agents in creating a strong online presence through SEO consultation, email marketing campaigns and social media management. She resides in Columbus, Ohio and has a bachelor’s degree in communications from Otterbein University. In her spare time, Eva enjoys reading, sketching, watching classic, nerdy movies and exploring Columbus for new places to eat and “Yelp!” about.

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