Here's How Google Just Changed its Mobile Search Results Page


Google SERP
Old layout on the left, new on the right.


Google loves to test ideas on their live search engine, but only a handful of those tests end up going live. One of the recent tests has now gone live.


New Mobile SERP Design

Google has updated the design of the search engine results page (SERP) for mobile devices. They like to test these layouts a lot so it can be hard to know what will stick or not. But this latest change seems permanent.

Here are the biggest changes that you can see.

  1. Ad – Google changed the Ad icon once again. Previously it was a green box outline with green Ad in the middle. Now we just have black text that says Ad.
  2. Favicon – Your website Favicon will appear in your listing. This is great for your branding, so make sure your Favicon is up to date.
  3. Card layout – The URL of the organic listing has been moved from the bottom to the top. They have also removed the thing gray line in the middle of the card.

What Does it Mean?

First, Google makes most of their money from ads. When they tweak the SERP, they do it to get more people to click on ads. Now, ads blend in more with the regular organic search results. This means organic results could see less clicks.

The favicon update is pretty neat. It’s another opportunity to get your agency's brand in front of a searcher. You want to make sure you have a strong brand presence and use your branding consistently everywhere you can.

The card layout change creates a cleaner look, but isn’t a big change when it comes to SEO or what you might need to do.

Overall, this isn’t a huge update. But, it is important to know where Google is heading. Many industry experts believe Google will continue to blend Ads and organic results to the point that you can’t really tell which is paid and which is not. Now that would be a huge change, but we aren’t there quite yet.

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