Five Ways to Deliver Rock Star Insurance Performance

We’ve all seen the recent deluge of TV talent shows—The Voice, American Idol, America’s Got Talent and countless others. Many believe these shows will catapult them to greatness and crowds of screaming fans. Unfortunately, many of these dreams end in heartbreak. But, not all of them. A small percentage of talented hopefuls go on to become superstars. Do you ever wonder why? What vaults some people to rock star status, with staying power and millions of loyal longtime fans?

While entertainment success is largely dependent upon marketing and gimmicks, those with true staying power excel at giving fans what they want—entertainment, an escape from the stress of everyday life, an outlet for their emotions or a gateway to cherished memories.


In other words, they connect with their fans on an emotional level. And, these days, they do it with the help of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, smartphone apps and all the other techno gadgetry available to consumers.


So how do you build your own fan base?

When it comes to buying insurance, your prospects and customers don’t want gimmicks. But, they do want the meaningful connection. And, whether you’re selling pop songs or insurance policies, you have to give your audience what they want.


Today’s insurance buyers are much more in tune with the marketplace. They want solutions. They want options. They want convenience. And, they want it all to fit their budget and their lifestyle. So, if you want to compete for insurance business, you need the right tools and technology to go where prospects are and really connect with them on their terms. The right insurance software solutions can be the perfect launch pad for becoming a successful insurance agency and integrating technology with your marketing efforts.


Below are just five of the many ways you can use technology to build your fan base and become a successful insurance agency superstar in the eyes of your prospects and customers: 

  1. A strong online presence: Besides having an effective insurance agency website, explore options such as posting on forum websites, setting up an agency profile on consumer review websites and commenting on online news stories. Be highly visible.
  2. Regular email newsletters: When done right, email marketing can be a powerful and effective marketing technique. Email newsletters allow you to regularly communicate with customers and prospects, offer them something of value, and build relationships based on trust.
  3. Social media: Social media presents a huge opportunity to connect with insurance prospects and customers with engaging content they can use. And, the average Facebook user has 338 friends, offering great referral opportunities.
  4. Content marketing: Be seen as a valued insurance industry expert by publishing your own content such as an insurance blog, white papers and podcasts. Focusing on the content in your insurance agency marketing is a great way to build credibility, drive traffic to your company website and build a loyal following.
  5. Unforgettable customer service: Your most powerful insurance agency marketing tool is your customer service. To be a successful insurance agency, treat your customers like kings and queens, and they’ll become raving fans and be your own sales force.

The right insurance agency software can help you do all of these things and more to improve your insurance performance. Insurance software can help you integrate technology, collect and organize more useful data and stay in front of your prospects and customers. Can your insurance software really make you an insurance performance superstar with your own fan base? At Agency Matrix, we think so.


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