Agency Software: 10 Tips for Email Marketing Success


Email marketing remains one of the most cost effective ways to contact insurance prospects and keep in touch with customers. Compared to traditional direct mail, it’s cheaper, faster, and highly measurable. And it can also have a bigger impact on immediate sales and long-term relationships than traditional advertising. For these reasons, many insurance agents and brokers devote a big chunk of their insurance marketing budgets to email marketing.

To make the most of your email marketing campaigns, follow these 10 best email marketing techniques. 

1.  Only send emails to those who have asked to receive them. Make sure your website and e-newsletters include a simple mailing list sign-up feature, and that you have a system for syncing your opted-in list with your email and agency software. 

2.  Deliver valuable and relevant content. Those who have signed up for your mailing list are expecting something of value, so don’t disappoint them. Give them valuable tips, hints, and strategies they can actually use. Only 5% of your e-mail marketing content should be about you. 95% should be about the reader. Also, be relevant. Use your agency software to slice and dice your mailing list. Send auto insurance clients, auto insurance-related content. Send commercial clients business content. 

3.  Be consistent with delivery. Pick a schedule for your regular email newsletters, whether it’s weekly, biweekly, or monthly, and stick to it. Studies have shown that business to business emails are best sent Tuesday through Thursday, and generally just after the start of the day around 9:30 a.m. or just after lunch around 1:30 p.m. Program reminders into your agency software calendar so that you miss routine send dates. Setting up an editorial calendar with a list of topics in advance also helps keep you on track. 

4.  Include a compelling offer. To motivate your readers to respond, build in a desirable offer such as a free guide, webinar, case study, or special discount. These kinds of offers create click throughs and can improve your results dramatically. If possible, direct users to a landing page on your website to download offers. Use your agency software to track downloads and schedule follow up contacts with those who show interest. 

5.  Make sure your email gets through. To improve deliverability, add a message at the top of your email newsletter that says something like, “To ensure receipt of our emails, please add to your Address Book or Favorites list.” 

6.  Keep the “from” name consistent. Make the “From” name for your messages either your company name or the name of a person at your company. Once you choose this name, keep it consistent. Subscribers decide whether to open your email in a split second. One of the most important factors in this decision is whether the “from” name is familiar to them. 

7.  Keep mobile recipients in mind. A growing majority of email recipients view emails on their mobile devices first. To accommodate these users, use mobile-friendly email designs. Keep marketing emails narrow and go easy on the graphics. Keep copy and buttons left aligned so the user does not have to scroll right to see them. 

8.  Use spam-free subject lines. Don’t ever use all caps or multiple exclamation marks in your subject line or body. Also, avoid spam triggering words like FREE. These tactics trigger spam filters make you look like an amateur. 

9.  Build your list at every opportunity. Give insurance prospects and customers multiple opportunities to sign up for your emails, both online and offline. Include links wherever you and your customers connect, such as on your website, in transactional or support emails, and on all of your printed materials. 

10.  Personalize. Personalized correspondence always out-performs generic correspondence. If possible, personalize your subject line and your greeting. You may even want to personalize the PS. These days, business transactions are more casual so in most cases, you can personalize using the recipient’s first name.

When done right, email marketing is an extremely powerful and effective marketing technique. Consistent, helpful contact builds trust, moves prospects through the decision cycle and enhances customer retention. Whatever you do, make sure to integrate your email marketing efforts with your online website offers and with your insurance agency software follow up tools, to maximize your agency’s success.

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