5 Social Media Statistics to Inspire Your Marketing Strategy


Social media should be an integral facet of your digital marketing strategy. It can single-handedly bolster your agency’s brand awareness.

Here are some statistics to consider when mapping out your social media plan.


Why Does Your Agency Need a Social Media Presence?

The simple answer is yes. Ninety percent of Americans between the ages of 18 and 29 use social media.

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Social media is an opportunity to get your agency’s name in front of people of all age groups. The highest percentage of U.S. adults who use at least one social media site is between 18-29. This age group has become a target audience for many insurance agencies.

Even if that’s not a target demographic for you, your audience is still using social media, as you can see in the above graph. So, it’s crucial to enhance your marketing efforts and promote your agency where your target audiences are.


What Platform(s) Should Your Agency Be On?

There are many social media platforms. Deciding which platform to be on is your first step.

According to Pew Research, 69% of U.S. adults report they are Facebook users. Facebook is the second-largest platform in terms of usage behind YouTube. Unless you’re creating consistent video content, Facebook is the platform you should start with.

Choosing a leading platform like Facebook can be a lot more useful for your agency than a platform with smaller audiences, such as Snapchat or Tiktok. Roughly three-quarters of Facebook users visit the site daily. And, people 65 years and older are the fastest-growing group on Facebook. Tiktok is an emerging social media juggernaut but is widely considered an influencer marketing platform. Instead of Snapchat, choose Instagram.

Since Facebook is the market leader, that means more competition. So be sure your strategy is unique and separates your agency from your competition. Get local, engage with community forums, and be a resource for your followers.

Check out our free whitepaper, Facebook Marketing for Insurance Agents, for tips on how to make your agency stand out.

But don’t stop with Facebook.

It’s an understatement to say that having the dynamic quartet of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn should be a core element of your marketing strategy.

As of April 2020, here are the active user counts for these social media platforms:

  • Facebook: 2.5 billion
  • Instagram: 1 billion
  • Twitter: 386 million
  • LinkedIn: 250 million

It’s safe to say that, if used correctly, these four platforms can increase your marketing potential.

 LinkedIn will serve as your professional brand ambassador. Twitter provides your agency with a channel to post quick updates and interesting content. Both LinkedIn and Twitter reach a variety of demographics, so the more, the better.

Instagram is the sixth most popular social media network as of April 2020, based on active users. It’s a powerful marketing tool, but it can be hard to build a following. It also requires a different type of content. It’s all about visual captivation and marketing. Here are some resources to help you get started with Instagram.

Worried about having to create content for three social media platforms? Repurposing content from your website and blog for social media can make your life a lot easier. Take it one step at a time. Start with one social media platform. Once you’re in a groove, add another.


How Should Your Agency Represent Itself on Social?

Fifty-three percent of consumers say that they prefer to buy products from brands that are transparent on social media. Reflecting your agency’s personality honestly and openly will lead to consumers engaging with your brand.

Social media is a competitive landscape with a lot of noise. That is why it is so vital to show the personality behind your brand. It will help you get followers and build relationships. 

Don’t be afraid to be a little more casual on platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Engagement is the name of the game, so a fun poll or question to your audience is a great way to start a conversation.

If your followers are engaging with your posts, their connections see that. And then, more people see your brand.


Should You Advertise on Social Media?

Here is something to consider when deciding whether or not to advertise on social media.

Fifty-two percent of online brand discovery happens in public social feeds. This means your agency has a higher chance of reaching more people if you advertise on social media.

Advertising on social media can lead to more traffic to your insurance website, and more agency leads.


What Kind of Ads Should You Create?

Video ads are the fastest-growing type of ad on social media. Creating videos can be time-consuming and expensive in some cases, but the return on investment is great.

Ads with videos get a 19% higher return than ads without videos. Eye-catching videos highlighting the advantages your agency (while maintaining transparency) will be more likely to draw prospects in.

Link those videos to a landing page, so prospects don’t have trouble learning more about the content in your ad. It does not matter if your ad is on Google or social media. Well-constructed landing pages are essential to generate new leads for your agency consistently.

Keep track of your analytics so you can tweak your marketing strategy if necessary. It will help you get the best performance.

Social media should be a leg of every digital marketing strategy for every insurance agency. Start by building your social media pages. Create your brand voice and engaging content. And, redefine your marketing strategy with ads.

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