5 Ideas for Generating More Leads

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I’ve seen a lot of changes in the more than 20 years I’ve been an agency owner. Over the years, the methods we use at my agency to generate leads changed. Sure, a few remained the same, but with a new approach.

Listed below are a few good ideas for increasing your lead flow. We used them at my agency, so they are methods proven to work for an insurance agency like yours.

  1. Ask for Referrals and Reviews

Referrals are a great way to generate leads for your agency. Every business loves to get referrals. But, you don’t get what you don’t ask for.

Years ago, we would give new clients several business cards to hand out to their friends and family. How many cards do you think the average person was willing to take? Was it three, five, 10? What if you could reach their entire family and friends by asking for a simple Facebook post?

Recently, a client wrote a Facebook post about the wonderful service they received . That post lead to several extra phone calls to the agent, which of course, turned into more sales.

Tip: Create an email to your new clients thanking them for their business. You can also ask for a referral on Google, Facebook, Yelp or other social networks.

  1. Engage with Car Dealerships and Real Estate Agents

Reach out to your local car dealerships. Ask if they need an insurance agent to assist their clients in purchasing car insurance. It might surprise you to find many dealerships would be glad to work with your agency.

Remember, this relationship will require someone to stay after hours. This is because car dealerships are open after 5 p.m. But, if you can offer that service when customers need it, you will make your car dealers very happy.

And, don’t forget your local real estate agents!

Tip: Set aside at least one day a week to have lunch with local car dealers and real estate agents. You will find this is a great avenue for lead generation.

  1. Create a Cross-Sell Program

Have you ever run a report in your agency management system for how many clients have only one policy with you? The actual number might surprise you.

An email marketing campaign to customers can result in rounding out accounts. It can also improve your retention.

Tip: Look at purchasing a digital agency marketing solution.

  1. Purchase Leads

Some agents find purchasing leads is a great way to help generate more business. Insurance-related lead providers can now generate leads from online ads. They can provide a continual flow of leads.

Remember some, if not most, of these purchased leads might be from outside your local area. These leads come from online. They expect a certain level of service. Make it easy for them. Make sure you have access to e-signature technology and online payment options. Follow up fast for any online-based lead.

Tip: Ask the lead provider about the quality of the lead and if they give the lead to many agents. Also, set a budget on what you would like to spend monthly.

  1. Offer Free Whitepapers

A whitepaper is a persuasive, authoritative report. It presents a problem related to a specific topic and provides a solution.

Whitepapers are a great way to educate your audience, and people view them as a good resource. You can ask for website visitors’ contact information in exchange for the content. As long the topic is valuable and potentially helpful, whitepapers make a great lead magnet.

One example for businesses might be Top 5 Ways to Protect Your Business from an EPLI Claim. Business owners looking to prevent potential EPLI claims will download the report. This will give your agency a good lead for EPLI and also workers compensation and other policies.

Tip: Set a goal to provide new information on a quarterly basis and then move to a monthly basis.


Generating leads is important for growing your agency. Try one or all these ideas to generate leads for your agency.

Got a question about these lead generation ideas? Leave it in the comments below.

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