4 Ways Repurposed Email Content > Brand New Content

Creating content is a continuous task and sometimes can be seen as a chore.

However, the process of generating new leads requires that we always have fresh content on our website, in our newsletters, and on our social media channels.

But creating fresh, engaging content doesn’t necessarily mean that content always must be brand new. So, if you’re looking to create more compelling marketing emails without exhausting your resources, your existing content is a good place to start.

Check out these four ways recycled content helps your email marketing and your agency.


1: Save Time

As an independent insurance agent, you wear many hats, but content writer doesn’t have to be one of them. Do yourself (and your agency) a favor and review previously written content. You’ll spend less time writing and more time doing what you do best – working with your clients.


2: More Cost-Effective

Outsourcing content is a great way to save time and reduce your workload, but it does come with a price tag. Remix professionally written content to maximize your agency’s investment. Your website and blog articles are great resources for inspiration.

(Tip: Be sure to receive permission from the source before using it.)


3: Tried and True

Email marketing tends to be a trial-and-error process. Why? You don’t truly know how a marketing campaign will perform until after it launches.

When you recycle content that you’ve run in the past, you already have a general idea of how it will perform. Select past high-performing pieces and rework them into your campaign. You’ll end up with valuable information your subscribers will love (and act on).


4: Reengage Subscribers

Don't let your hard work from previous emails go to waste. Even the most engaged recipients don't read every email. Plus, new subscribers have never seen the content. Resurrecting past emails can breathe new life into your subscriber list.

(Tip: Remember to fix outdated information and re-optimize the email.)


In Closing...

Consider recycled content the next time you sit down to craft a marketing email for your agency. You'll love how easy it is to create campaigns that resonate with your audience.

About the Author

Heather Cherry

Heather Cherry is and email marketing professional and the product manager for AgencyBuzz - ITC's automated marketing system. She is responsible for leading the AgencyBuzz team, presenting email marketing best practices for Operation Agency Success & Masters of Marketing, and prides herself in cultivating customer-driven product excellence. She has a bachelor's degree in rhetoric and writing from The University of Texas at Austin (Hook 'Em \m/). Her email marketing specialties include targeted marketing, database segmentation, customer journey through automation, integrated lead client nurturing through all ITC products, and highly-visual email marketing campaigns. Heather currently resides in Frisco, Texas (a suburb of Dallas), and is a self-proclaimed mother-of-the-year and world's okayest wife. She likes dad jokes, Tyler Perry movies, and Oxford commas.

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