3 Simple Ways to Increase Your Email Conversions

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Every email you send should have a purpose and a specific goal. If you are like many agents, your goal might be to persuade subscribers to request a quote or purchase a policy. In other words, you are looking to increase your email conversions.
Conversions happen when a recipient follows the path you point them toward in your email. For example, a subscriber clicks a link in your email. That link takes them to your website where they can request a quote. So what is the best way to measure your email conversions? Here’s how to calculate your email conversion rate.

Email Conversion Rate 101

An email conversion rate (ECR) is the percentage of readers who complete the desired action of your email. In other words, it shows how many subscribers clicked the link in your email then actually followed through with next steps.
ECR = (# Actions Completed)  x 100
(# Emails Delivered)
Is your conversion goal is for a subscriber to buy a policy? Or, to follow you on social media?  Either way, your ECR can be a good indicator of how successful your email marketing efforts are. 
Many marketers agree that anywhere from one to five percent is a realistic goal. But, it is best to track your agency’s ECR over time. If you feel your agency’s numbers need to improve, I’ve got three simple ways you can increase conversions.

1. Design for Mobile 

Forty-two percent of insurance emails are read on mobile devices. If you aren’t already making your emails responsive, now is the time. Subscribers must be able to open and read your emails to act on them. So, mobile optimization is vital for your ECR.

Mobile Optimization Tips

  1. Use short (30-35 character) subject lines so they aren’t cut short in mobile inboxes.
  2. Break up copy with white space to make your email skimmable.
  3. Use larger font sizes to improve readability.
  4. Keep your message short and sweet.
  5. Design your email in a single column.
  6. Use smaller images to reduce email load times.


2. Optimize Your Call to Action

Conversion happens outside the inbox. Your call to action (CTA) must convince readers to leave your email and go somewhere else. Make it as easy as possible for subscribers to take the next step.

CTA Optimization Tips

  1. Use action-based words that highlights the benefits for subscribers.
  2. Add hyperlinked text in relevant places throughout your copy.
  3. Buttons are the driving force of email clicks. Make them large, in a contrasting color, and surround them with white space.
  4. CTAs should be two to five words long.
  5. Clearly define the next steps and what to expect when they leave your email.
  6. Resist the urge to use clickbait. Instead, promise something you can provide.


3. Enhance the Conversion Location

It is easy to get wrapped up in email campaigns. But, don’t lose sight of your end game: To increase conversions. If your click rates are high, but your ECR is low, take a closer look at where subscribers go after they leave your email.

Where are you sending your readers? Your insurance website homepage contains a lot of information. It is better to direct email recipients to a specific landing page that is relevant to your email campaign. This page should allow subscribers to quickly get to the information they were promised in your email.

Landing Page Tips

  1. Don’t forget to add the tool/element you need to complete the conversion. For example, a form, online insurance rater, or blank testimonial entry.
  2. Use the same design as your email to provide a consistent experience. It can also make visitors comfortable leaving your email.
  3. Avoid unnecessary barriers like pop-up windows, bulky copy or lengthy forms.
  4. Limit the amount of content on the page to keep visitors’ attention.
  5. Try these extra website conversion tips.

Tip: Create a unique tracking URL to use in your email campaigns. This will help identify conversions that come directly from your emails.


What other strategies have you used to increase email marketing conversions? Share your tips and tricks in the comments below!

About the Author

Heather Cherry

Heather Cherry provides training and support on AgencyBuzz to ITC customers, leads AgencyBuzz Academy and presents on email marketing at Masters of Marketing. She has a bachelor’s degree in rhetoric and writing from The University of Texas at Austin. Heather’s email marketing specialties include newsletters, unique content, contact segmentation, and targeted marketing. She is also a self-proclaimed social media junkie, cat lover, hopeless romantic, and music buff.

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