3 Reasons Why Your Insurance Agency Needs Email Drip Campaigns

Effective digital marketing is all about creating relationships built on trust.

It’s essential to understand that creating a relationship with a prospective client requires acceptance of the long game.

Let’s say you’re going to the mall to buy a new pair of shoes. A salesman at a kiosk that sells phone accessories tries to grab your attention on your way to a Foot Locker. Most of us had an experience like this. Well, what did you do? You probably tried to avoid eye contact with the salesman and walked right past them, right? Why? You weren’t at the mall to buy cell phone accessories. You were there for a new pair of shoes.

It’s hard to grab a consumer’s attention out of the blue to convince them that they need a new phone case.

Here’s an interesting proposition. How would you react if the same thing happened, but you needed a phone case? You might stop and browse the selection for a while, but ultimately, you’d probably move on. You’d instead browse for one the next time you went to Walmart or buy one on Amazon when you got home. So, why do we react the way we do?

There’s no trust. You don’t know the quality of those phone cases or the Bluetooth speakers. There are no reviews for you to reference about the products, and you don’t trust the salesman to give you an honest review. Why? You believe he’s simply just trying to make a sale.

Without trust, there’s no relationship between the salesman and the consumer.

Regardless of what you're selling, you will be more effective if you create a relationship with a consumer before pitching your product.

What if I told you that you could automate campaigns that establish a relationship with prospects over time? In comes email drip campaigns.


What is a Drip Campaign?

Drip campaigns are made up of emails that automatically send to your target list based on specific timelines or user actions. You can create separate drip campaigns using different factors. Here are a few.

  • Quality of lead (How ready are they to buy from you)
  • Type of prospect (upsell prospect, new prospect, lost lead, etc.)
  • Type of client (new client, previous client, client close to renewal, etc.)

Segmentation within email marketing is always a good thing. Email blasts are lousy in digital marketing and, often, lead to many unsubscribes. You’ll end up burning through a list of leads and upsetting your clients.

So, here are four reasons why your agency needs drip campaigns today!


Drip Campaigns Are Great for Saving Time

Automation enables insurance agents to do what they do best… help their clients.

Automated drip campaigns, over time, nurture newly generated leads. Nurturing leads creates more interest in your services and will increase trust in your agency. That improves the chances of converting leads to buyers.

This also means that your agents are spending more time on the phone or in-person with clients.

Retention campaigns decrease the time agents spend on policy renewal reminders and work to retain clients. We’ll talk more about that later.

If agents could spend more time closing sales and servicing client needs, drip campaigns can positively impact your bottom line.


Drip Campaigns Are Great for Getting Prospects Sales-Ready

Let’s go back to the example of the kiosk salesman.

Sure, buying insurance is not the same as buying a cell phone case. We’re on the same page there. However, I would argue that you might have a lower conversion rate for a cold, one-off email than attempting to sell a cell phone accessory from a kiosk at the mall.


Insurance costs more, most people only buy it once a year, and there is more anxiety about purchasing insurance.

You must nurture leads. Strengthening your agency’s relationship with prospects ultimately increases conversions. In fact, when brands nurture leads, they get 50% more sales-ready customers and make 47% larger purchases. (Zapier)

Drip campaigns allow you to make an introduction, tell your prospects what you do, and prove that you’re the best at it over time. The best part? This all happens behind the scenes. You set the campaign up, press go, and you’re creating more sales-ready leads every day.


Drip Campaigns Are Great for Retaining Clients

Let’s say you have a client that is close to renewal. You want to make sure you retain that client. You can create an automated drip campaign that sends him renewal reminders every couple of days. You would change the messaging based on the actions taken. These campaigns are so effective because the next email that the client receives will be determined by the client’s actions.

Let’s say the client opens the renewal email but doesn’t complete the steps to renew. The next email he receives can include content that provides information about why they should renew. It might be necessary for you to get this client on the phone to convince them. So, the call to action for that email could be to schedule an appointment to go over their coverage options. That is an opportunity to upsell that client and increase their current coverage.


In Closing…

Email marketing is not a new digital marketing tool. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t change how we’ve always done things to get better results.

Drip campaigns can be valuable to your insurance agency by automating emails that build relationships with your prospects and clients. Not to mention they save you time, strengthen leads, and improve client retention.

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Henna is a marketing automation expert at ITC, providing support to ITC's email marketing clients. Her work consists of AgencyBuzz training, helping design email templates and newsletters, blogging, and content creation. Henna holds a Bachelor of Science in political communications from the University of Texas, is a member of the Society of Professional Mediators, and is licensed in property and casualty insurance. Her passions include conservation, social media, photography, writing, gastronomy, travel, and beaches.

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