3 Reasons Why Your Insurance Agency Isn’t Too Small for a Website

woman sitting in empty office

Websites. A large project like that may seem out of reach for your agency, regardless of size and scope. But, websites are an essential part of the business-customer process. It’s important not to rule them out because you might think your agency is too small.

Here, I’ll go over a few reasons that, regardless of size, websites are an important tool for you to have in your tool belt.

1. Start Small, End Big

Few small businesses want to stay small. There’s a natural progression to fill the available space within your market.

Having a website already in place as you begin your trek of business growth can pave the way for a smooth road. A website allows you to have new eyes on your business and all new opportunities.

One thing growing agencies have in common is an effective, information-rich website. Getting your agency brand and mission on the web sets the tone of your growth. Who knows what opportunities may come from having a global face to your agency?

2. Presence & Credibility

Today, not having an online presence is a scarcity. People today expect to be able to pull up information about anything at any given time. This is reason number two your insurance agency shouldn’t rule out a website.

The market today gets their information online, the most available resource. And, consumers will stick with that resource as long as it provides what they were looking for. If you don’t provide your information and your approach to business, there’s no way to capture and convert the curious into regular customers.

People perceive an online presence as a baseline indicator of credibility. Without that online office, not only are you limiting yourself, but you may seem less credible. Having a listing in the Yellow Pages boosted not only business, but credibility as well. Today, the internet is the platform to get the neighborhood to notice your agency.

3. 24-Hour Employee

No matter how small your agency may be, an always-open, ready-for-business website can work for you even while you are doing something else. An optimized website can generate leads without you needing to seek out and gather them.

Signup forms, quotes, claims, and more can be automated using a website. The website can send that information to you after processing it all on its own. While you’re sleeping, or helping another customer, your website could be getting valuable business. Business that you otherwise would be leaving on the table.

The more you automate or offload to your website, the more time you will have to grow your business and nurture the business you already acquired.


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