20 Content Ideas for Your Agency’s Line of Business Web Pages

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Has your agency website been up and running for a while now? It is probably time to update the text and content on your line of business pages. This is especially true if your agency’s lines of business have changed since your website came online.

Even if there hasn’t been that sort of change to your business, there are still good reasons to update those pages. In fact, when you make changes to your website’s content, the benefits are twofold.

Benefits of Updating Your Insurance Website’s Content

First, customers or prospects visiting your website will have the most current and up-to-date information about your agency. They come to your website looking for a trustworthy resource. Earn consumer trust by giving them the best information.

Second, search engines like Google may rank your website higher in search results. When Google sees your website is being actively updated, it finds your website to be more important to searchers. Google will notice if a website is stagnant or hasn’t been updated in a long time. Then, the website won’t be deemed relevant or helpful. Then, it won’t be ranked as high.

So make sure to update your website’s text and content periodically. It will better serve your customers and prospects. And, it helps your website’s online visibility.

Topic Ideas for Line of Business Pages

Often it can be hard to think of what to even write about. So, use these topic ideas when it’s time to refresh your agency’s line of business web pages. These are commonly asked questions, or simple tips to save on premiums. You can pick one or two ideas now, and save the other topics for when you need to refresh those pages again in the future.

Auto Insurance

  1. What is the Average Cost of Auto Insurance Premiums?
  2. Does Age Affect the Price of Auto Insurance?
  3. How Does a Ticket Affect Your Insurance Rates?
  4. The Difference between Collision and Comprehensive Coverage.
  5. Filing an Auto Claim with Your Insurance Agent: Step-by-Step.

Homeowner’s Insurance

  1. The Average Cost of Homeowners Insurance in… (Insert the towns or counties you serve).
  2. Your Homeowner’s Policy: The First-Time Buyer’s Guide.
  3. Did You Know? 30 Days ‘til Flood Coverage Takes Effect!
  4. Ways to Make Your Home Safer (and Insurance Premium Cheaper).
  5. Does your Homeowner’s Policy Need Additional Coverages? (Flood, expensive jewelry, etcetera.)

Life Insurance

  1. The Most Common Misconceptions about Life Insurance.
  2. What Amount of Life Insurance Coverage is Best for Your Family?
  3. Affordable Life Insurance Coverage Options for Retirees.
  4. Will a Pre-Existing Condition Affect Your Coverage Pricing?
  5. Planning for the Future with Life Insurance.


  1. What is General Liability Insurance?
  2. Why You Need a BOP (Business Owner’s Policy).
  3. How to Protect your Business From Theft.
  4. Accident Prevention Tips for… (Insert the type of business your agency serves).
  5. What You Need to Know about Business Interruption Coverage.
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