10 New Year Content Ideas for Your Insurance Agency

A new year is upon us. That means it’s time to freshen up your insurance agency website and your agency newsletter content! Regular publication of new website content on your website is critical for search engine optimization. It’s also important for keeping your clients engaged with your agency.

Here are some content ideas to get your creative juices flowing throughout January!


  1. New Year’s Day – January 1st

What will your agency accomplish in the next 365 days? This is the perfect time to let your clients know! You can write a personal blog post reflecting on your 2020 goals, or you can outline your new ones for 2021. It would be a great idea to add a celebratory message to your January agency newsletter.


  1. New Year, New Policy

Does your agency sell commercial lines? A lot can change in a year, especially for small or growing companies during a pandemic. Businesses should plan on reviewing their policy at least once per year. What better time to do this than the new year?


  1. National Trivia Day

National Trivia Day is on Monday, January 4th, and this is a great opportunity to have some fun on social media! Host a trivia contest and the first to respond with the correct answer on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn gets a prize. This will keep people engaged with your channels throughout the day. Share your winners on your channel and request that they share it on their profiles as well.


  1. Storing Holiday Decorations

There is always a house that has holiday lights well into March. Give your clients a push! Offer some helpful packing and storage tips for decorations. For example, labeling a series of boxes 1 of 5 or front porch can keep things organized for next year.

You can also explain the benefits of pulling down decorations early, like saving money and home safety. Get creative!


  1. Keeping Your Resolutions

Many people give up on their New Year’s resolutions about two to three weeks into January. Offer a personal story of how your resolutions have affected you personally or professionally to keep them motivated. Give your audience some tips to successfully stay on track with their resolutions. Here’s a good place to start.


  1. Policy Review Reminders

As we said before, clients tend to review their existing insurance benefits at least once a year. Beat them to the punch. Include an offer for a free consultation in your agency newsletter or on social media.

Your existing clients will appreciate the reminder. It is also a good opportunity to engage prospects who are currently reviewing their policies with another agency.


  1. Insurance Regulation Changes

Anything that can impact your clients, make sure your clients are aware of any insurance regulation changes that could impact them. That means on the national, statewide, and local levels.


  1. Healthcare Insurance Enrollment Reminder

If someone didn't get health insurance during open enrollment, they might be able to after January 1. Now is the time to send them a reminder and let them know who qualifies, what their options are, and how your agency can help.


  1. New Healthcare Plans Start January 1

Many new health insurance plans take effect in January. Remind your clients to review coverages, deductibles, and financial responsibility in a blog post.


  1. National Blood Donor Month

January is national blood donor month and is even more important this year because of COVID-19. Donating plasma is crucial to help fight the coronavirus. Create a few posts throughout the month telling your local community where they can go to donate blood.

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