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As a website coordinator, I answer a lot of customer questions. I mean, a lot. Of. Questions. It’s part of the job, after all.

You’re here to take a small step into the world of digital marketing with what could be your first website. There are some questions that come up more often than others. So, I’ve taken this opportunity to list out a few of these in an FAQ to help you get started with the process.

“Really, Matt, how important are the pictures?”

I know, when you first look at a photo provider like Getty Images that has millions of photos, it’s overwhelming. Your initial reaction is pick the first one that looks nice. Well, I’m here to tell you that your imagery can make (or break) your website.

Honestly, I could write eight blogs on picking local, product specific, vivid imagery. Suffice to say, you’re going to want to spend a little bit of time on this topic and give it the credit it deserves.

Bad imagery can send someone running for the proverbial hills. Or, the insurance agency down the street.

“Matt, what lines of business should I list?”

Insurance Website Builder allows an unlimited number of lines of business. We have forms for everything from bonds to workers compensation.

That said, your website homepage has limits. It can only highlight four to six lines comfortably. This usually ends with someone asking me which lines they should list.

Here’s the truth: You know better than I do. These lines should be whatever sells well for you or sets you apart.

Say you have 20 lines that you write, and five of them are making you money in droves. Those are the five to go with.

If you do tax services on top of selling insurance, that sets you apart from your competition. That’s an important feather in your cap.

“Matt, I have multiple offices. Should I list them all on the homepage?”

The short answer here is no. Too many addresses on your home page can be confusing for search engines. Then, nobody wins.

How do we sort this out? Easy. If you don’t have a central office, then put a phrase describing where you serve.

For example, include something like “Serving DFW and surrounding communities in Texas.” Link that to your Locations page. List all your office locations there.

If you do have a central office, use that as your primary. List the one address on the homepage. Save the clutter (additional offices) for your Locations page.

“What’s a blog?”

Okay, so I’ve oversimplified this one a bit. Most people know what a blog is. But so many agents have questions about how they work.

Blogging is actually one of the simplest things you can do. There’s also a huge value proposition for the time you’ll spend writing.

Why is it so easy? For one thing, take note of the casual tone that I’ve written this blog in. So much of your website is cut and dry. Customers will actually be relieved to hear your voice come through in a blog.

There’s no science behind it. You can write as much, or as little as you want, as long as you feel your customers will be interested. In fact, it doesn’t even have to be insurance related 100 percent of the time.

My go-to example of this is one customer who writes a recipes blog at the end of every month. You could even do book reviews. The sky is the limit. And, visit our blog for 10 new topic ideas each month.

Now, why is this a good value proposition? For the hour you’ll spend writing every couple of weeks, you’ll actually see SEO improvements. Search engines reward websites that have fresh and updated content with higher rankings.


These are a few of the questions I hear on a daily basis. I hope they answer questions you have before beginning your insurance website journey. Intrigued by anything you read above? Leave a comment below!


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