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February 1, 2017 Laird Rixford

Padlock on laptop keyboardFor a few years now, Google and other online tech leaders have advocated for every website to have its own SSL security certificate.

What is SSL? It secures your website's communication between your hosting company and your visitors. It creates an encrypted link so all data passed remains private. This is the same technology that secures your information when you bank online.

Google feels strongly that all websites should be secure. They updated their algorithms so websites with SSL rank higher than sites without it. While this ranking incentive did get quite a few websites to become secure, the increase was not enough.

In 2017, Google's web browser Chrome and Mozilla's Firefox are taking website security a step further. The latest versions of these browsers now label websites as not secure if they don't have SSL.

Think about that. Your clients have asked you to secure their family's financial future. Now as they visit their trusted adviser's website, they will see it labeled insecure. Is that something you want them to see?

Fortunately, for now the label is muted and will not throw many alarms to your website visitors. Savvy users will notice it, but most will not. The next step for this message is a bit more aggressive.

Now that is a warning message that gets a visitor's attention. That is not the message you want to send to your clients.

Helping secure the insurance industry is important to us. We want every Insurance Website Builder client to offer the most up-to-date, secure browsing experience for their visitors. That is why starting with our first website in 2005, we have offered a shared SSL certificate to secure submission forms.

Then, in 2014, we added personalized SSL certificates. This additional feature gave any agent on our platform the ability to add a personalized SSL certificate on his or her domain. This technology secures every request to and from the insurance agency website. Not just the quote and contact submissions.

Today we take securing your agency's website a step further. We now include a fully customized SSL certificate with every new website purchased.

Are you one of our more than 3,000 existing website clients without personalized SSL certificates? We are waiving the setup fee on all future SSL certificates for existing clients. Pay only $10 more per month. Our dedicated support team will secure your website and maintain your SSL certificate for the life of your ITC website.

Provisioning your own custom SSL certificate includes a lot of hassle. ITC makes it easy by doing it for you. Now you can enjoy increased search engine rankings while having confidence your website will provide a secure browsing environment.

Are you ready to secure your website just as you secure the futures of your clients? Existing clients can contact our technical support team for more information.

Don't have an Insurance Website Builder site? Request a free consultation to learn more about SSL and our top website technology.

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Laird Rixford

As CEO, Laird Rixford is responsible for providing strategic direction and leadership for the company. Rixford has a proven executive management track record and has more than 20 years of experience in entrepreneurship and insurance technology. An expert in insurance technology and marketing, Laird is a recognized public speaker and has presented at industry events across the United States.

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