You’ve Only Got Seconds to Keep Insurance Website Visitors

November 4, 2015


One in three people spend 15 seconds or less on a website. During this time, they decide whether to continue or go on to the next search result. The same goes for your insurance agency website.

The first impression of your insurance agency website is important. You have a limited window to grab someone's attention or scare him away forever. You want to prevent this from happening. I've listed three tips to ensure your website makes the best use of those 15 seconds.

  1. Have Faster Load Times
    Your window of opportunity to make a good first impression is 15 seconds. If your website takes 10 seconds to load, you've lost two-thirds of that precious time. When it takes too long, visitors will hit the back button before your website loads. In fact, 40% of people will abandon a website that takes more than three seconds to load. And as the time it takes to load increases, so does the number of people who will bounce.

    How can you get faster load times? Remove unnecessary code and pieces of your website that take longer to load. Items like Flash programming or videos can increase a website's load times. The fewer elements your website has, the faster your pages will load.

  2. Use Fresh Content
    When did you last update the content on your website? If it still has a Happy New Year message from last year, it's time to revise your content.

    People who see 10-month-old content will think your insurance website is no longer active. They might even think you are no longer in business. So make sure anything that has a date attached to it gets changed out every few weeks to keep the date current.

  3. Focus on What is Important
    Your insurance agency website should be able to do anything your clients need it to. Whether it's to make a payment, file a claim, get a quote or learn more about your agency. These features all require a button or call to action. But, having too many can be confusing and cluttered. If you have a giant button for each feature at the top of your website, each will compete for attention. Instead, limit your main focus to one or two features. Make sure the most important pieces of your agency are visible. You can still include the other features, but put the design emphasis on the one or two most important.


Your insurance agency website has a big job to do. It needs to show people why your website has their answers in just a few seconds. Using these three tips will help make sure it does it correctly and efficiently.

Do you have a tip to add to the list? Let us know by leaving it in the comments section below.


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