You Received A Website Lead! Now What?

August 6, 2014

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It's exciting when you receive a form submission from your insurance agency website. A new prospect! All of your marketing and hard work is starting to pay off, but what you do next is just as important as your marketing efforts.

Let's call your new prospect Jane. Providing Jane with a pleasant experience will give her a good impression of your agency and increase your probability of closing the sale. She will remember your agency even if she does not buy a policy from you.

Here are six steps you should take every time you get a lead from your insurance website if you want to improve your close ratio.

Step 1: Email Immediately
This email can come from you directly or from your website's auto responder or mailing list feature. It should tell Jane that an agent will be in touch soon to discuss her quote and insurance needs. This immediate communication shows Jane that you received her quote request and you're already working hard for her.

Studies have shown businesses that contact prospects within an hour of receiving an online request are seven times more likely to qualify the lead. This shows why it is so important to email your prospects immediately after receiving their quote requests.

Also, add prospects' email addresses to your mailing list as you get more leads so you can continue to stay in touch with them.

Step 2: Add to Your Management System
Make it easy on yourself to keep track of Jane and her information. Once you get the request, add the information to your agency management system, which also makes maintaining client files more efficient for your agency as you can pull up a file quickly when needed.

Step 3: Process the Quote
If you have enough information, go ahead and process the quote. If you don't, move on to the next step. This step can go quicker with a comparative rating system, which allows you to get quotes from multiple carriers at once.

Step 4: Contact the Prospect
If you do not have enough information to process the quote or you have the quote ready thanks to your comparative rater, call Jane directly and go over her policy and coverage options.

A phone call is a great personal touch that enables a stronger connection between you and your prospects. It is a great opportunity to show them how your agency is different from your competition.

Step 5: Follow Up
Whether or not Jane buys a policy from you, follow up. This is another opportunity to stay in front of your prospects. It also shows them that you care and helps them to remember you in the future.

If you have the technology to automate your follow ups, even better. You don't have to remember to follow up with every lead that comes into your agency. An automated agency marketing system, once set up, can do it for you every time.

Step 6: Stay in Touch
Continue to send communications to Jane at key times throughout the year. For example, renewal time is a great time to send an email asking if she'd like you to shop her insurance policy.

You can also use newsletters to show your agency's personality and provide prospects with useful information about insurance and community events and news. Through these communications, you will keep your agency in front of your prospects, and they will know they can come to you for their future insurance needs.
If you plan to use your insurance agency website to help with lead generation, you need to have a plan in place of what happens after you get a new lead.

What do your next steps look like? Tell us in the comments.

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