You Can't Afford to Miss Out on Automated Marketing

April 30, 2019

Insurance Agency Automated Marketing

The use of automated marketing is the fastest growing category of business software in the world right now. Even the traditionally slow to adapt insurance industry is beginning to understand the benefits of this efficient and streamlined approach to relationship management. Simply stated, even if they aren’t yet, your competitors will soon be using automated marketing, giving them a guaranteed edge. Can your agency afford to go on without it?

Marketing automation was created to combat the dizzying amount of online traffic and to make use of the information you already have in your system, ensuring your agency’s client relationships are optimized and making money at every opportunity.

Since most insurance agents have heard of automated, or drip, marketing, why isn’t every agency taking advantage of this proven technique for converting prospects and leads into customers? Automation saves hours of time each week, by taking care of tasks that would otherwise take hours of manual labor and follow up.

Maintaining good relationships is critical to success in the insurance business, and no agent has time to stay on top of every relationship at every turn. With drip marketing, you set the who, what, how and when of each step in the lifecycle funnel, based on information you should already have in your system. Want to send a birthday greeting, welcome note or upcoming renewal reminder? Let automated marketing take care of it for every prospect, lead and customer you maintain … without any day-to-day effort at all.

Unfortunately, many agents are intimidated by auto-marketing, fearing that setup and use will be complicated and time consuming. Questions such as which software to use, how much it will cost and whether it will even work for them draw out the decision-making process and lead to frustration. The truth is, as long as your contact files are up to date and filled out as completely as possible, getting started with drip marketing is a surprisingly simple process.

"Instead of one-way interruption, web marketing is about delivering useful content at just the right moment that a buyer needs it."  ~David Meerman Scott

  • Let’s take a look at some of the ways automated marketing could benefit your agency.

    There is almost no chance of your manually contacting every prospect who interacts with your business through the internet. People who view your agency on social media, your website, a referral site and other traffic sources across the web are identified and categorized, based on myriad information points determined by you. With automated marketing, you never miss an opportunity and are set up to spend your time and efforts on the most qualified prospects.

    Lead Nurturing
    Answer questions before your potential customers even think to ask them. Education is key to building trusting relationships, and automated emails are ideally suited to ongoing learning. Responding to inquiries, form submissions and other lead actions can and should take place in real-time, no matter what hour of the day, or day of the week. Automated marketing makes sure your agency is responsive in the fasted way possible.

    Customer Engagement
    We all know that customer retention is not easy, especially when you have multiple clients demanding your time. Some customers just require more one-on-one attention than others, and that’s okay. But, what’s going on with those presumably happy policy owners who don’t call you on the regular? Are they truly satisfied or even loyal? Are you missing an opportunity to upsell to them? Drip marketing reinforces the client relationship by reaching out at just the right frequency and opportunity.


    • • Right message, right person, right time
    • • Attract visitors, convert leads and close customers
    • • Don’t risk losing the time and effort already spent finding a lead
    • • Nurture contact and customer relationships, based on individual criteria met
    • • Streamline marketing and customer service workflows
    • • Stay top of mind with customers and potential customers
    • • Set up clear and valuable content once and monitor communications at your convenience
    • • Access a multi-step process that helps new customers get acclimated to your agency, while generating referrals and online reviews
    • • Provide valuable content on a continual basis
    • • Never miss an opportunity to connect during signup, onboarding, quote requests, holidays, birthdays, open enrollment periods, renewal times, payment due dates or carrier changes
    • • Apply automated marketing to emails, web posts, social media, texting and mail
    • • Move prospects and customers through the funnel, with almost no daily effort
    • • Identify customers by cross-selling potential
    • • Improve customer retention by staying in touch consistently and with purpose
    • • Potentially replace the need for at least one employee per office
    • • Enjoy more time and money while taking care of business behind the scenes

    Clearly, your agency cannot afford to miss out on the robust advantages of this marketing technique. If you’re using Agency Matrix management system’s Diamond or Enterprise package, automated marketing is already included and ready to go. If not, you’ve got some important decisions to make. Why not start saving time and money today? Automated marketing is the answer.

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